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welcome to field elementary

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Check out the Falcon Nest website designed by our students!

We challenge students to discover their hidden talents. Students at Field follow a rigorous curriculum that includes not only reading, writing, math, science, and physical education but also arts and humanities, computer/technology, and Mandarin Chinese. For gifted students in grades four and five, we also offer challenging courses through the Advance Program. Students are supported academically, socially and emotionally through various scholastic and community building programs. At Field Elementary, the success of the whole child is our priority.

Cool to Care

Each day during the school-wide morning meeting, we recognize students who were caught demonstrating character, friendship and support of a classmate at different times during the day. Students may nominate another student or adult, adults can nominate a student.

Morning Meeting

In order to support our school-wide community, we have a daily Morning Meeting. This is a time when we come together as a school to gather information, celebrate our school family, and prepare for the events of the day. Our Community Meetings follow the same format each day. Providing a predictable routine is one of the ways to develop a feeling of safety for all students, especially in the beginning of the year.

Clubs and Activities

  • Academic Team
  • Band and Orchestra
  • Basketball (Grades 3–5)
  • Cheerleading (Grades 3–5)
  • Chess
  • Computer Programming
  • Cross-Country (Grades K–5)
  • LEGO Club
  • 3D Printing
  • Robotics Club
  • Soccer (Grades 3–5)
  • Student Council
  • Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP)
  • Yearbook