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Engelhard Elementary was selected to be part of a program that teaches strategies to encourage our students to make good decisions regarding their health. The Engelhard Elementary School vegetable garden was created in the spring of 2011. The garden offers numerous opportunities for students to learn about healthy eating, increase physical activity, and make connections across the curriculum. 

There are three raised garden beds located in the back of the school. Seasonal crops are planted and maintained by students. The Engelhard communtiy is excited to participate in this healthy, academic, and fun project!


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Honor Roll

An Honor Roll student is one whose progress consistently exceeds expectations based on participation/attendance, homework, class assignments, quizzes/tests, discussion/problem solving, special projects/performance assessments, portfolios, exhibitions, individual and/or group work, teacher observation, and student self-evaluation. The teacher will share documentation with you at a conference.

kids demoHonor Society

A student is named to the Honor Society when he or she—having been nominated by the classroom teacher—is recognized as demonstrating outstanding academic performance and exemplary attitude and conduct throughout the school environment. A student displays outstanding academic performance by earning:

First, Second, and Third Grading Periods:     
• More O’s than S’s and no NI’s or U’s (Primary)
• More A’s than B’s and no C’s, D’s, or U’s (Intermediate)
• S’s or O’s for Special Area
• All process, progress, and performance codes must be 3’s or 4’s.

Fourth and Fifth Grading Periods:
• All O’s (Primary)
• All A’s (Intermediate)
• S’s or O’s for Special Area
• All process, progress, and performance codes must be 3’s or 4’s.

These grades include work habits and social behavior. The Special Area teachers and administration will review and approve/disapprove all recommendations. 

A student displays exemplary attitude and conduct when he or she consistently demonstrates self-control; organization of time; work; and belongings; adaptability and flexibility; responsive, caring behavior; recognition of the rights and responsibilities of self and others; and productive group skills. 

The Honor Society ceremony is held at the end of the school year. This is a grand ceremony. Honored students are proud of this achievement. Parents and family members are invited to attend. Every parent should begin now by talking to their child about the importance of academic excellence and positive leadership.

Student of the Month

Character Education is very important at Engelhard. As a CARE for Kids School we promote a positive school climate where students are encouraged to be polite, honest and respectful. Students understand the importance of being a community and how to act upon the basic values we all share.

The Student of the Month Program is a proactive approach to help reinforce positive character qualities and to enhance character development in students. We will focus on a different trait each month, however all character traits are modeled throughout the year. The character traits include:

August—Respect: Show high regard to self, others and property

September—Responsibility: Be accountable for your own behavior

October—Honesty: Be truthful in word and action

November—Caring: Show concern for the well being of others

December—Justice and Fairness: Equal treatment for all

January—Citizenship: Be a responsible and caring participant in your community

February—Courage: Do the right thing when you face difficulty.  Follow your conscience instead of the crowd.

March—Perseverance: Stay with a task and do not give up

April—Hope: Believe you will be successful

Each month, teachers from each grade level will turn in the name of a student who has displayed the character trait for the month. Students will be given a form to complete and return along with their picture. The form will be hung up on a bulletin board outside of the counselor’s office. They will also receive a certificate, a pencil and have the opportunity to each lunch with the principal or the counselor. We are proud of our students and the character they display.