Meyzeek Middle School

Team VIP, Grade Eight

Team V.I.P. looks forward to working with you and your student to ensure his or her educational development in the near future!

syllabusAlison Curtis, Language Arts


Ms. Curtis will enhance the student’s literacy skills by building a community of readers and writers. Close reading and citing textual evidence will be the students’ new best friends.

syllabusKevin Sims, Social Studies


Mr. Sims is in his 10th year at Meyzeek. Mr. Sims lessons are lecture based with a strong focus on developing note taking skills. Mr. Sims develops strong relationships with his students and continues to mentor former Meyzeek students.

algebra syllabus

Sharon Bomar, Math


Mrs. Bomar is our veteran math teacher who has been with Meyzeek for 24 years. She holds students accountable for their academic growth as well as displaying appropriate/positive manners towards others in the classroom. She holds tutoring sessions every Wednesday and teaches students organizational methods that will enhance their high school success.

Angel Barton, Science