Meyzeek Middle School

Innovators Team, Grade Seven

The Innovators team is an energetic, fun, and outgoing team. Ms. Richardson, Ms. Rutledge, Ms. Murdock, Ms. Broughton, Ms. Curtis, and Ms. Colston-Wise work extremely hard to ensure that all students on the team are reaching their educational potential. Each teacher brings a special aspect to the team and the students.

AP Syllabus
Integrated Syllabus

Amber Richardson, Math


Ms. Richardson, the math teacher and team leader, sets high standards and encourages and supports students to reach their full potential in math. She uses real world experiences to help students understand and apply the math content and prepare them for their future.

Brittany Rutledge, Science


I am a Texas native, moving to Louisville after my dad retired from the Air Force. Go Longhorns! I attended the University of Louisville and Indiana University Southeast where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education in 2009. I am currently pursuing my Master's Degree at Indiana University Southeast.

In my Science classroom, students learn to think and work scientifically. The first semester of this course is based upon the Full Option Science System (FOSS) module "Diversity of Life." To view a full description of this module, visit http://lhsfoss.org/scope/folio/html/DiversityOfLife/1.html

The second semester of this course is based upon the FOSS module "Populations and Ecosystems." To view a full description of this module, visit http://lhsfoss.org/scope/folio/html/PopulationsandEcosystems/1.html

I enjoy reading, being crafty, and playing sand volleyball.

Gwendolyn Frayser, Language Arts


Lynn Colston-Wise, ECE



Rebecca Murdock, Social Studies


Ms. Murdock’s students are able to discover different historical parts of the ancient world. Her projects allow students to travel through time to see beyond the content that is taught, allowing them to think outside the box.