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Art History, Grade 6

Students were introduced to Vincent Van Gogh and his unique style of postimpressionist painting. His most famous painting is “Starry Night.” In this art project, students put a twist on the masterpiece by creating their own “Super Starry Night” keeping some of the original elements, but making it quite unique. Oil pastels were used to recreate Van Gogh's style of applying color.

Meyzeek Middle School

Art History, Grade 7

Students explored the artistic style of artist Gustave Klimt. His style included paintings of women with very ornate, colorful patterns in the background or negative space. He often used gem stones and gold leaf on his canvases as well. For this project, students glued a magazine picture to scratch art paper. They were required to create various patterns in the background, revealing the metallic layer under the black surface of the paper.

Meyzeek Middle School

Animal Portrait

Eighth-grade students chose a picture of an animal in which half of the image was in place, and the students had to draw the missing half using techniques for shading, value, and highlights.