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Faculty and Staff


Michael Kelly Principal  
Dennis Williams Industrial Maintenance Academy AP
Jennie Currin Health Science Academy AP
Antone Towns Freshman  Academy AP  


Daniel Clemens Freshman Academy  Counselor  
Valarie Luckett Health Science Academy Counselor
Susan Bolton Industrial Maintenance Academy AP

Support Staff

Megan Winter Reading Literacy Coach  
Wes Hare Behavioral Coach  
Leroy Littles Behavioral Coach  
Dawn Roy Goal Clarity Coach  
Donald Spanyer Course Recovery  
Otis Ralston Course Recovery  
William Raleigh Athletic Director  
Marla Paschal Academy Coach  
Cathy Cline ECE Priority Consulting Teacher/ PBIS Lead  
Lisa Ellison BAC  
Rebecca Brannock CART  

Youth Service Center/ Student Support Services

Deloris Golladay Youth Center Secretary  
Arrione Smith Home/School Coordinator  
Karen Rawlings Youth Mental Health Counselor  
Office Staff      
Jackie Snipp Secretary  
Jamie Vincent Attendance  Clerk  
Marsha Ashcraft Book Keeper  
Janet Fegett Purchasing Clerk  
Randy Brown Industrial Maintenance Academy  (IMA) Clerk  
Becky Burton Health Science Academy Counselor
(HSA) Clerk  
Betty Fitterer Records Clerk  
Jo Carol Whisman Freshman Office Clerk  
Carol Mullins ECE Clerk  


Angela Moore Librarian  
  Assistant Librarian    


Officer Tony Sacra SRO  
Joe Stockton Security  
Wayne Brown Security  
John Rice Security  


“Moe” Malone Maintenance  


Craig McCrary HVAC (Career Pathway)  
Gregory Elsler HVAC (Career Pathway)  
John Spiva Electrical Maintenance Lab & Electrical Maintenance Instructor  


Brennan O’ Connell Plant Operator  
Travis Miller Day Custodian  
Kim Aubrey Day Custodian  
Byron Huston Night Custodian  
Tyler  Corum Night Custodian  
Melissa Wilson Night Custodian  
Scott Heath Night Custodian  
Tim Main Night Custodian  
Jordan Clark Night Custodian  
James Estep Night Custodian  
Joyce Corum Night Lead Custodian  


Mary Hundley Cafeteria Manager  
Melissa Estrada Assistant  
Sheila Haynes Assistant  
Vickie Molthop  Assistant  
Tamara Schweinhart  Assistant  
Lisa Lewis  Assistant  
Stephanie Williams Assistant  
Cheryl Semenko Assistant  
Tonya Mulloy Assistant  


Teresa Maguire Transitions Teacher  
Doug Coontz ECE Transition Liaison TOP Program  


Ruffus Sanders ISAP Teacher  

Related Arts Teachers

James Kerr History and Appreciation of Visual and Performing Arts and English 2  
Kristina Herning Williams Visual Arts  
Hope Mortberg Visual Arts  
Rebecca Toop Spanish Foreign Language  
Samuel Borquez Spanish Foreign Language
Department Chair  
Maddie West Chorus  
Dave Nelson Orchestra  
Greg Heimann Band/ Related Arts Department Chair  
Robert Gose Theater  

Practical Living

Ian Davis Physical Education  
Clay Hardesty Freshman Health  
Greg Morris Physical Education  
Mark Peters  LCDR USN (Ret) Senior Naval Science Instructor/ROTC Department Head website
Miguel Pagan  First Sergeant USMC (Ret) Naval Science Instructor ​website
Scott Jones BUC USN (Ret) Naval Science Instructor ​website


Jenny Hale Pharmacy Tech  
Christina Bynum EKG/ Phlebotomy  
Wendy Goodmen  
Michelle Unseld  


Sheila Ruffin Computer Apps/ Business Department Chair  
Jody Bingham Digital Literacy website
Christine Grincius Media  
Amanda Comstock Financial Literacy  

ECE Teachers

Gene Barlow Resource Algebra & Geometry  
Robin Shultz Geometry  
Gary McCawley Applied Math/ US History  
Nick Davis ECE Social Studies Teacher  
Chris Montgomery ECE Science Teacher  
Emily Sipp ECE Special Education  MSD  
Josh Beams ECE English  
Tina Harper ECE Algebra I Teacher  
Donna Smith ECE Chemistry and Civics Teacher  
William Brenzel FMD Teacher  
Ryan Cooper FMD Teacher website
Angie Lampton Assistant Teacher  
Donna Hazel Assistant Teacher  
Lori Diehl Assistant Teacher  
Brenda King Assistant Teacher  
Marlina West Assistant Teacher  
Alexus Tinker Assistant Teacher  

Math Teachers

Callie Masters Algebra I  
Megan Alvey Geometry & Algebra 1  
Brittney Hazel Geometry website
Katie Leroy Algebra 2 Department Chair


Danielle Clark Geometry  
Nate Ralston Algebra 2  
Joyce Brooks Pre Calculus & College Algebra website
Ron Hennig Applied Math/ Math  
Jenny Cotton Algebra 1/ Student Technology Coordinator  


Jessica Bolduc English  
Ike Wassom English  
Erin Byrd English  
Emerald Lawler English/ Year Book/ English Department Chair  
Melissa Dennis English  
Patty Concepcion English 4  
Kyle Bishop English II  
Anna Shearn English  


Pamela Vanagas Chemistry/ AP Chemistry  
Benjamin Roberts Science 1a website
Darius Rahmlow Science 1a  
Cody Stevens Chemistry  
RoseMarie McCandless A1 / Conceptual Physics  
Julie Thorne Ecology/ Forensics  
Blake Baker Biology/ Genetics  
James Wise Biology  
Jennifer Vermillion Biomed/ Human Body/ Biology/ Department Chair  

Social Studies

Sierra Funk Law & Justice/ Civics  
 Darin Gray World History/ Psychology  
Nick Johnson World Civilization/ World History  
Max Slinde Exploring Civics/ Sociology  
Antoine Baldon Civics  
Vincent Tinker
US History/ Government Politics/ Social Studies Department Chair  
Nicholas Braun US History/ African American History
/ Social Studies Department Chair  
Kiara Gray