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Why choose Valley?
A Message From Principal Stephenson

principal standing in front of a bulletin boardHello Valley Nation,

Welcome to the home of the Valley Vikings!  Around here our staff, parents, and students often refer to the “The Viking Way,” when we are discussing how we do things at all levels.  The sense of community pride is strong, everlasting and it is a tangible force that can be seen and felt in the hallways of our school.  The growth mindset is a philosophy that we instill in all stakeholders while improving the outcomes for every student that crosses through the doors of this school.  As principal, I understand that it is my role to provide leadership and guidance.  However, it truly is “The Viking Way” which will serve us as we move forward into the future. 

The Viking Way represents; Having the highest of expectations for all. 
The Viking Way supports; Being Safe, Being Responsible and Being Respectful at all times.
The Viking Way reminds us to be; First Class at all times and engaged to the fullest.

Student goals here at Valley include being; college and transition ready early in your senior year while serving in the work-force and/or in early college entrance programs.  Students should maintain the highest level of attendance by making school a priority in order to achieve the highest levels of success necessary for becoming a productive citizen.  The last goal is for our students to become involved in extracurricular activities such as; sponsored clubs and athletics.  The correlation for student success grows leaps and bounds when students have a purpose.  The Viking Way is to support both our academic and extra-curricular programs not only during the school day but long after the daily dismissal bell rings. We must provide and support the purpose of ALL students!

The Academies of Louisville drives the body of academic work that we do here.  To Start with our Freshman Academy supports the development of our 9th graders as they make the transition into high school.  This Academy will lead and developed the interest, goals, and pathways for all students that enter into Valley High School.  The Health Science Academy (HSA) and The Business Industrial Academy (BIA) are geared toward direct certifications that can be achieved within each of these programs.  Students will meet business, industry and health requirements which will not only make them transition ready but also establishes them as candidates for immediate employment before and after they graduate from Valley High School.

It is with Great Excitement and Energy that I will serve this community of Vikings!  Valley High School will support all of our students by providing the highest level of expectations, opportunities and individual student supports to guarantee student success.  We promise to uphold; The Viking Way!


Mike Kelly
Valley High School