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A site for a new school, which became Valley High School, was approved by the Jefferson County Board of Education on July 19, 1930. On February 28, 1931, the secretary was requested to notify Mr. Tafel, the architect, to prepare tentative plans for an eight-room high school building with an auditorium and a basement. The site was to be at the intersection of Valley Station Road, and 18th Street Road, purchased from Betty Dodge and Murray Swindler. The cost of the school was to be approximately $50,000.

In August 1936, the building was complete and ready to be opened with a grand dedication. Twenty-one grade schools would feed into Valley with the district boundaries ranging from Algonquin Parkway to West Point, and from the Ohio River to what we know today as New Cut Road.

The school colors of gold and white were chosen by David Bruce Brown (first principal) and coach P.C. Oneals (first football coach). The color blue was added to honor Mr. Brown when he returned from serving in World War II. The Viking mascot was chosen and became known around the area.

Valley originally housed 570 students, but in time increased to more than 3,000. Currently the enrollment is about 1,000. Valley has been added onto three times plus has had temporary buildings built. Over the years, six schools have been built to relieve Valley's enrollment and better serve the greater Louisville area.

Valley graduates have gone on to become everything from astronauts to zookeepers.