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Are you ready for a unique learning experience that will help you succeed in college? Through Ballard's Advanced Placement (AP) college-level courses and exams, you can earn college credit, stand out in the admission process, and learn from some of the most skilled, dedicated, and inspiring teachers.

A Different Kind of Class

From the moment you enter a Ballard AP classroom, you'll notice the difference—in the teacher's approach to the subject, in the attitude of your classmates, in the way you start to think. In AP classrooms, the focus is not on memorizing facts and figures. Instead you'll engage in intense discussions, solve problems collaboratively, and learn to write clearly and persuasively.

Find Your Passion

With 20+ courses at Ballard to choose from, including Math, Science, Social Sciences, English, and the arts, you'll be able to explore your interests and discover new passions. In AP classes, you'll study fascinating topics and ideas that just might become the foundation of your future college major or career.

Prepare to Succeed in College

Ballard AP courses can help you acquire the skills and habits you'll need to be successful in college. You'll improve your writing skills, sharpen your problem-solving abilities, and develop time-management skills, discipline, and study habits.

Earn College Credit and Placement

Most four-year colleges in the United States and colleges in more than 60 other countries give students credit, advanced placement, or both on the basis of AP Exam scores. By entering college with AP credits, you'll have the time to move into upper-level courses, pursue a double major, or study abroad.

AP Courses Benefit Your Transcript

AP courses are graded on a ten-point scale, and grades are weighted to reward students for the college-level work they are doing. AP courses are recognized nationally as being very rigorous and are most attractive to college admissions counselors.

Unweighted Scale


Weighted Scale (AP Classes)

100–93% A 4 Quality Points   90–100% A 5.00 Quality Points
92–86% B 3 Quality Points   80–89% B 3.75 Quality Points
85–79% C 2 Quality Points   70–79% C 2.50 Quality Points
78–70% D 1 Quality Point   60–69% D 1.25 Quality Points
69–00% U 0 Quality Points   59–00% U 0.00 Quality Points

Students who earn a 4.0 or higher are recognized as valedictorian.

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College Board AP courses offered at Ballard include the following:


English Lang./Composition (grade 11)
English Lit./Composition (grade 12)


Calculus AB
Calculus BC

World Language

French Language
Japanese Language
Spanish Language


Environmental Science


Art History
Music Theory
Studio—2-D Drawing
Studio—3-D Design
Studio Drawing

Social Studies

Human Geography
World History
U.S. History
European History
Government and Politics: United States


Computer Science Principles

AP Capstone

AP Seminar

Ballard is recognized nationally for achievement in AP.

Click here for the AP exam schedule.

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