Ballard Boys Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a spring club sport offered at Ballard. The schools season starts in the middle of February (usually after Valentine's Day) and goes through April and maybe the beginning of May. It just depends on how far we make it through the playoffs. We also practice everyday that we don't have a game and weekends.

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About Ballard Lacrosse

Ballard Lacrosse has been around for several years. As of right now its a club sport in the state of Kentucky, and we hope to become a sanctioned sport in the following years. We are a no cut team as we We are one of the top public school teams in the state and finish above .500 in the win column every year and end up going to the state tourney every year as well.

One Team! One Goal! One Family!

Here is the link to the Ballard Lacrosse Homepage.

Here is the link to laxpower with schedule and score updates as well.

The contact info for the headcoach is on the Ballard Lacrosse page located above.

Ballard High School Boys Lacrosse Team Info
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