2020-2021 Ballard High School Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in Ballard High School for the 2020-2021 school year. Before completing the Ballard application, please follow these steps to complete the JCPS application.

For additional information, click on our overview of the general application process, or a detailed flowchart of the specific steps for Ballard

Step 1: Register

You only need to register if you are new to JCPS. Please skip this step if you're currently enrolled in a JCPS school. Registration can only be completed online. After you register online, you'll need to take proof of address to a JCPS school or registration site, or you may email it to

Step 2: Check your Resides School

Go to School Finder and put in your address to determine your resides school.

If Ballard is your resides school, then you do not need to do anything further. When choosing your schedule, indicate your program of interest.

If your resides school is Atherton, Eastern, Shawnee, or Waggener, then you are in Ballard's network. Apply online through your Parent Portal account to the Academy of Louisville in order to guarantee transportation.

If your resides school is not in Ballard's network, please apply online through your Parent Portal account for Open Enrollment. Please note that this process is a random draw and transportation is not provided.

Step 3: Complete Ballard Application

Please note if Ballard is your resides school or if you are not in Ballard's network, you do NOT need to complete this.

Fill out the Ballard Application and indicate your program of interest. Please return the application to us by January 17, 2020.

Thank you for applying to Ballard!

For any questions, the North Office can be contacted at (502) 485-8206

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