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Why Choose Carter Traditional Elementary School?




A Strong Tradition of Academic Excellenceboy in suit

A Disciplined Learning Environment

A Commitment to Excellence for All Students

We are on a mission to provide a world-class education for all of our students. Come be a part of the excellent tradition at Jessie R. Carter Traditional Elementary School!


What Is a Traditional School?

Traditional education focuses on teaching and learning at grade level in a highly structured classroom environment. Traditional education also emphasizes a dress code and daily homework as well as courtesy, patriotism, morality, and respect for others. Parents are expected to monitor their child's schoolwork and support academic and extracurricular activities.

The Traditional Program emphasizes:

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Jessie R. Carter Traditional Elementary is working diligently to help every student be successful. Carter School has embarked on a tremendous journey in which the school will be a place that encourages the development of the whole child. Carter School is a warm, safe place that encourages students to excel in their areas of strength and supports them in areas where they require additional help.


School History

Jessie R. Carter Traditional Elementary School is the product of a rich educational heritage. The first building was the Virginia Avenue School, which was built in 1915 to meet educational needs of an increasing neighborhood population. The Virginia Avenue School opened in 1923, with Jessie R. Carter serving as principal and a staff of four teachers.

This school continued to expand and serve an ever-growing community.

The physical plant was added in 1955. The addition contained 16 new classrooms. In 1969, a new wing was added to the north side of the building. It had ten classrooms, an office suite, a health suite, and a multipurpose room.

In 1970, the school's name was changed from Virginia Avenue School to Jessie R. Carter School. This was done to honor the first principal of the original building.

Jessie R. Carter Elementary has served students in its predominately African-American community since 1922. In the fall of 1975, Carter's student population became diversified. As a result of districtwide, court-ordered desegregation, Carter was placed in a cluster with Wilkerson Traditional, Johnsontown Road, Sanders, and Greenwood Elementary Schools. Carter would send African-American students to each of these schools, and they would each in return send white students to Carter. Facilities were also desegregated. Suzanne Quarles became the principal of Jessie R. Carter Elementary School.boy time

In the fall of 1977, Jessie R. Carter Elementary School became Jessie R. Carter Traditional Elementary School. In response to parental requests for more traditional education, the Jefferson County Board of Education (JCBE) established Carter as one of three traditional elementary schools. The traditional program was part of the optional school program, where parents and staff had to apply for admission. Ms. Quarles remained as principal of the Jessie R. Carter Traditional Elementary School. When she retired in 1981, Patsy Brisbon became the principal and served as principal until 2004.

Carter moved to a newly remodeled school building located at 3600 Bohne Avenue in 2011.This dedication was held on November 28, 2001. $14 million in renovation and new construction enabled both Carter Traditional Elementary School and the DuValle Education Center to be accommodated in a new facility.

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of Carter Traditional Elementary School is active, donating many hours of service and purchasing many educational materials. Parents who opt to send their child to the traditional program are expected to support the educational program and subscribe to the discipline code.

We at Carter are proud of our past, pleased with our present, and hopeful for our future. We know that the staff, teachers, and parents working together will improve the educational opportunities for our students.