Meyzeek Middle School

Student Services

Youth Services Center

The Youth Services Center (YSC) is located on Meyzeek’s campus near the corner of Jackson and Breckinridge Streets. The YSC assists students and parents/guardians with any nonacademic problems that may prevent students from doing well in school.

Programs offered by the YSC include counseling, anger management, mentoring, a clothes closet, and financial assistance.

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Guidance Counselor

Our Comprehensive Developmental Guidance Program provides the skills necessary for academic success, career planning, and personal and social growth.

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Meal Information

  • Breakfast is served from 7:10 to 7:30 a.m.
  • Lunch is served during designated team times. À la carte items are available at varied costs.
  • Meals at Meyzeek are free of charge for all students. No student has to qualify for free/reduced-price meals, and no forms need to be completed.

    Meyzeek is a Community Elegibility (CE) school. CE allows school districts in high-poverty areas to provide meals free of charge to all students in schools that qualify. For more information, click here.
  • For more information about JCPS school nutrition, click here.

Meyzeek Meal Menus




  • Students will be assigned locker space near the team area.
  • Students should not share their locker combination with others.
  • The school is not responsible for items stored in lockers.
  • Should a locker get jammed, students may complete a locker trouble form in the main office. A staff member will resolve the issue.

library media center web page Library/Media Center

  • In addition to visiting the library/media center with classes, students may access its services both before and after school during designated times and days.
  • The care and return of books and materials are the students’ responsibility. Fines and fees are charged for overdue, damaged, and lost books.
  • The library/media center will arrange for students to sign up for access to the Louisville Free Public Library.

For more information, visit our Library/Media Center Web page.

Computer Access

To access the network, students must:

  • Have a JCPS Net-User Agreement and Parent Permission Form signed by a parent/guardian or indicate no permission on the student enrollment form.
  • Memorize their network user ID and password.

Many technological services for students are becoming accessible by students’ home computers through the school Web site.


list of activities Extracurricular Activities

Meyzeek offers extensive extracurricular activitis designed for academics, athletics, and recreation. After-school programming comes from Meyzeek itself, its Community School, and such partnering organizations as Metro Parks. Students should watch announcements for clubs, tryouts, and special opportunities.

Students can stay after school only for extracurricular activities. Otherwise, students must go home at the end of school. Meyzeek does not have the staff or capacity to watch students after school who are not involved in an activity.

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Bus Transportation

Riding the bus is a privilege, dependent on good behavior. Students must respect and obey all instructions given by bus drivers and abide by all JCPS bus regulations.

  • Both on and off the bus, the bus driver is in charge, with full authority over his or her passengers.
  • Students are to load and unload in an orderly and safe fashion. Students should be at their respective bus stops at least five minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.
  • Good behavior at the bus stop and on the bus determines students’ ongoing permission to ride the bus. While on the bus, students must:
    • Sit in the seat while the bus is in motion.
    • Keep hands and head inside the bus.
    • Avoid horseplay.
    • Keep noise at a reasonable level, whereby passengers can hear instructions from the bus driver at all times.
    • Never throw anything on the bus or out of the window.
    • Be courteous to other passengers, passers-by, and the bus driver.
    • Behave appropriately in designated areas while waiting for the bus—be it at the bus stop in the morning or in the school building in the afternoon.
  • Students unable to meet these expectations face disciplinary action up to and including exclusion from bus transportation.
  • If a student wishes to ride a different bus (to go home with a friend, for example) he or she must have a permission note signed by a parent, including the parent's phone number. The student must bring the note to the office in the morning. Office personnel will call the parent/guardian to verify the note. Once verified, it will be given back to the student during lunch so he or she can present it to the bus driver. Students with unsigned/unverified notes will not be allowed to ride a different bus under any circumstances.

For more information, visit the JCPS Transportation Services Web site. To find your bus, access the Bus Finder.



Textbooks are provided to students at no charge. In the event that textbooks are lost or damaged, students are responsible for replacement or repair costs.


  • No medication of any kind will be dispensed unless an official form is signed by a parent/guardian and is on file in the reception office. Prescription medications must have the doctor’s authorization on file and must be kept in the reception office at all times.
  • Only office staff members are able to dispense medication.
  • Students are never to have any medication—including aspirin and ibuprofen—in their possession. To do so is in violation of the JCPS Zero Tolerance Policy.

Immunizations and Physicals

  • State law requires that each student have a current Immunization Certificate on file. Sixth-grade students are required to receive two measles/mumps/rubella boosters, Hepatitis B series, and a physical prior to middle school enrollment.
  • Students not in compliance with this regulation may be barred from participation in school athletics and may be barred from school entirely.
  • Immunizations and physicals may be obtained from any branch of the Jefferson County Health Department or from a family doctor.

For more information, visit the JCPS Health Requirements page.



  • Morning news broadcasts on WMZK include important information for students. Special opportunities, tryouts, and other important school information are broadcast. Students should keep their Agendas handy during the morning news broadcasts to record the important information for personal use.
  • Meyzeek news, updates, and announcements can also be delivered daily to your e-mail inbox, cell phone, or PDA. Subscribe to the Meyzeek Daily E-Mail for this service. Click here to go to our sign-up page.

volunteer! click for infoVisitors

  • Any person who is not a student or Meyzeek staff member must register with the receptionist and obtain an identification (ID) badge before visiting any area of the building. Only those persons with legitimate business at the school will be permitted to visit.
  • Visitors looking to speak with, pick up, or see students must be listed on students’ enrollment forms. Anyone not listed will not be allowed to have contact with a student unless approved visitors (from the enrollment form) can extend and confirm permission.
  • All visitors must present an ID to verify their identity and the purpose of their visit.