Meyzeek Middle School


Students enroll at Meyzeek Middle School via three different avenues.

Are you within Meyzeek's resides boundaries? Resides Students

Students who live in Meyzeek’s immediate neighborhood, or “resides” area, automatically come to Meyzeek beginning in sixth grade. Based on our neighborhood boundaries, portions of the following elementary schools feed into Meyzeek: Breckinridge-Franklin, Bloom, Camp Taylor, Engelhard, Lincoln, and Shelby.

Are you within Meyzeek's MST boundaries? Magnet Students

Meyzeek’s Mathematics/Science/Technology (MST) Magnet Program offers students who live in the northern and eastern third of Jefferson County an avenue to attend Meyzeek. The MST Magnet Program offers an exciting focus that neighborhood schools may not provide. Students who meet the MST Magnet Program Entrance Qualifications are encouraged to apply for enrollment.

Students in areas other than the northern and eastern third of Jefferson County may apply to the MST Magnet Program at Newburg Middle School and Farnsley Middle School. To confirm that your residence is in Meyzeek's Magnet attendance area, utilize the School Finder tool located on the JCPS Web site.

Resides students may apply for admission into the MST Magnet Program as well. Click here for information about application materials.

Transfer Students

Students who do not live in the resides area may apply for a transfer to Meyzeek. If granted, the transfer is not for admission into the MST Magnet Program. Transfers are considered for enrollment only if space is available after resides and magnet students have enrolled. Unlike resides students and magnet students, the district does not provide transportation for transfer students.