Meyzeek Middle School

Code of Conduct

Meyzeek's Code of Conduct establishes school-based rules and procedures that are in compliance with the JCPS Student Support and Behavior Intervention Handbook.

Student Expectations

  • Treat others respectfully.
  • Take responsibility for your words and actions.
  • Be on time for school and classes.
  • Come prepared; be ready to learn, and have necessary materials in hand.

School Rules

  • Cell phones are not to be seen, heard, or used inside of the school building. After school hours, cell phones may be used in the main lobby only.
  • Personal radios (e.g., Walkmen, iPods, mp3 players) can be used before and after school in designated areas only.
  • Playing cards can be used before and after school in designated areas only. Gambling is strictly prohibited.
  • Gum is not allowed in school.
  • Backpacks are stored in lockers. This includes string/sling bags.
  • Scooters and skateboards are not allowed in the building.
  • Bicycles must be locked to outdoor racks.
  • Meyzeek is not responsible for items brought to school that are not part of the school’s educational program. This includes iPods, handheld games, cell phones, electronics, jewelry, etc.

Care of School Property

  • Students are expected to assist in keeping Meyzeek a clean, attractive, and comfortable place.
  • Students who willfully pull a false fire alarm; destroy school property through vandalism, arson, or larceny; or create a hindrance to the safety of others will be suspended and referred to the proper law-enforcement agency.
  • Students who deface property or cause damage will be held responsible for repair, replacement, and/or cleanup.


Once arriving on the school campus, students may not leave the building without permission from the grade-level administrator. Students doing so will be considered “cutting” and will be disciplined. Students out of class or assigned areas without a pass will also be considered cutting and face similar consequences.

Fighting and Disruptive Behavior

  • Fighting will not be tolerated. Violent horseplay and play-fighting will be treated as a real fight. Consequences will be applied up to and including suspension.
  • Disruptive behavior, in addition to fighting, and inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Consequences will be applied up to and including suspension.

Students’ Personal Property

  • Students are not to bring personal property to school that is hazardous, dangerous, or disruptive or that may be used as a weapon.
  • If a student possesses, sells, or otherwise furnishes a firearm, knife, explosive, or other dangerous object (or toy designed to look like a dangerous object) to a student at school or at a school activity off school grounds, he or she is subject to discipline up to and including expulsion.


  • No form of tobacco is allowed anywhere on the Meyzeek Middle School campus.
  • Students in possession of or using any form of tobacco are subject to disciplinary action.

Zero Tolerance

Students selling, in possession of, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension and arrest. Look-alike substances are treated like the real thing.


Consequences for violating the expectations, Code of Conduct, and rules include, but are not limited to, team measures, detention, removal of special privileges, referral to the grade-level administrator, assignment to the In-School Adjustment Program (ISAP), assignment to the Suspension/Truancy Off-site Program (STOP), and/or suspension from school.

For more information, see the JCPS Student Support and Behavior Intervention Handbook.