Meyzeek Middle School
2013-14 budget
2014-15 budget

School Budget

Meyzeek School Finance

Public funding for Meyzeek comes through a variety of sources. Budgets may undergo revision throughout a school year, but largely, they remain unchanged once constructed and approved by the School-Based Decision Making (SBDM) Council. Budgets are constructed in the spring for the following school year. Budgets are public record and, therefore, are available for review. For more information, contact a member of the SBDM Council or the school principal.

General Fund

The main source of school funding is called the General Fund. The General Fund is based on a formula that takes into account anticipated enrollment, average daily attendance, at-risk populations, and special education services.

District Add-Ons

The district allocates additional money for specific positions and materials assigned to a school. This budget, the District Add-Ons, covers the cost of the Youth Services Center (YSC), Community Schools, and a security guard. The school has no say in how these funds are allocated.

Flex Focus Funds

ESS, Textbooks, and Professional Development

Via Flex Focus Funds, the state makes available a pool of money that a school may divide among professional development, Extended School Services (ESS), and textbooks. The state presents a recommended distribution, and then the SBDM Council tweaks that distribution for local school needs.