Meyzeek Middle School


Making “Being Present” Matter

The JCPS Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline states, “All students are required by law to attend school every day and to be on time for school and all classes.”

With or without the law, students must be present and on time in order to learn, grow, and achieve. Please help us help you by coming to school every day ready to learn and with the necessary materials in hand.


In the extreme circumstance that a student cannot make it to school, the parent/guardian should call Meyzeek’s attendance clerk before 9 a.m.

When the student returns, he or she should bring a note from the parent/guardian and turn it in to the homeroom teacher.

Any student absent from school for more than a half-day is not eligible to attend or participate in any after-school activities on the day(s) of absence or over the weekend if the absence occurs on the last day of the week.

JCPS defines excused absence as, “student illness, visit to a physician or dentist, death in the family, religious holidays, or other extenuating reasons approved by the school administrator.” Written verification of excused absences must be provided to the school upon the student’s return.

Patterns of unexcused absences may result in actions that include, but are not limited to, referral to the Youth Services Center (YSC), contact with parents/guardians, notification of JCPS Pupil Personnel, and referral to the Truancy division of Family Court.

Tardy (also known as “Percent Absent”)

The JCPS Student Support and Behavior Intervention Handbook states, “Tardiness is not just being late for school as traditionally interpreted; it is defined by law as ‘any amount of instructional time missed.’ This includes being late to school or leaving school before classes are dismissed.”

Students arriving after 7:40 a.m. will be marked tardy. A pattern of lateness to school may result in school interventions, including, but not limited to, YSC referral, parent contact, and/or detention.

Early Dismissal

If a student needs to leave school prior to 2:20 p.m., he or she must bring a note explaining the situation. The note must include the time the student needs to leave and a phone number of the parent/guardian. The note should be submitted to the attendance clerk when the student enters school.

When the parent/guardian arrives to pick up the student, the parent/guardian must present a picture ID and sign the student out with the attendance clerk.

Illness During the School Day

If a student becomes ill during the school day, the parent/guardian should request a pass to the office from his or her teacher. If the student is too ill to return to class after being checked in the office, the student will be permitted to call for a parent/guardian to arrange leaving school.

Injury During the School Day

If a student is injured during the school day, he or she should report it to the teacher and receive a pass to the office to be checked and complete an accident report. When injury extends beyond that which can be resolved with a Band-Aid, parents/guardians will be notified immediately and, when necessary, emergency services will be called.