Meyzeek Middle School


Explorers Team, Grade Six

The Explorer team represents a variety of academic and professional disciplines that serve the needs of sixth-grade students and their families. All team teachers are highly qualified in their respective subjects. We are dedicated to creating a safe and positive environment for students. We believe family communication and support are vital to our students’ education.

Explorers Teachers

  • Bradley Fowler, Science
  • Cybthia Herbig, Social Studies
  • Matt Cramton, Math
  • Katherine Mastronicola, Language Arts
  • Abby Palof, Language Arts

Olympians Team, Grade Six

The Olympian team teachers are enthusiastic about their individual content areas. Ms. Ramsey comes from a long line of math teachers and enjoys seeing students become mathematicians. Mr. Creggett relishes opening up the world through geography and the investigation of world cultures. Mrs. Klein loves the teaching profession, because she loves being a life-long learner. Teaching offers her the chance to learn right alongside the students every day. She loves finding ways in which students connect to literature, and watching them light up when something finally clicks in their minds. We teach with our hearts every day to ensure the success of each child and encourage parental involvement.

Olympians Teachers

  • Patrick Hirth, Science
  • Harvey Creggett, Social Studies
  • Emily Ramsey, Math
  • Rachel Klein, Language Arts

Ivy League Team, Grade Six

  • Ivy League Teachers

  • Erin Vachon, Science
  • Rebecca Murdock, Social Studies
  • John Dickey, Math
  • Kelly Lamaster, Language Arts

Champions Team, Grade Seven

Teachers-Students-Parents are the winning combination on Team Champions. The passion and dedication of the teachers is to offer a challenging, yet fun school year for all students.

Champions Teachers

  • Brittany Rutledge, Science
  • Stacy Russell, Math
  • Hamilton Porter, Language Arts

Innovators Team, Grade Seven

The Innovators team is an energetic, fun, and outgoing team. Ms. Richardson, Ms.Yuen, Ms. Franklin, and Ms. Marston work extremely hard to ensure that all students on the team are reaching their educational potential. Each teacher brings a special aspect to the team and the students.

Innovators Teachers

  • Jennifer Marston, Science
  • Emily Yuen, Social Studies
  • Amber Richardson, Math
  • Kelly Franklin, Language Arts

Prisms Team, Grade Seven

Welcome to seventh grade at Meyzeek, and welcome to Team Prism!

Prisms Teachers

  • Liliane Nienstedt, Science
  • Brock Yates, Social Studies
  • Carrie Cross, Language Arts

Greeks Team, Grade Eight

The Greeks Team teachers are passionate about their individual content areas while focusing on teaching a diverse student body.

Greeks Teachers

  • William Lewis, Science
  • James Dearborn, Social Studies
  • Robin Stacy, Math
  • Casey Wilcox, Language Arts

Scholars Team, Grade Eight

The teachers of team Scholars put their expertise and love of the middle school child to good use each and every school day. It is our passion and our mission to provide a challenging curriculum embedded within an academic and developmentally appropriate environment. The simple regurgitation of facts is not tolerated, as application of knowledge gained is at a premium both in secondary education and life. With that in mind the teachers of this team endeavor to prepare our students for college and beyond, and we encourage you the parent/guardian or community stakeholder to assist us in this important work.

Scholars Teachers

  • Angel Barton, Science
  • Tim Chapman, social Studies
  • Jennifer Kiser, Math
  • Jetoria Broughton, Language Arts

Team VIP, Grade Eight

Team V.I.P. looks forward to working with you and your student to ensure his or her educational development in the near future!

VIP Teachers

  • Karen McCoy, Science
  • Kevin Sims, social Studies
  • Sharon Bomar, Math
  • Alison Curtis, Language Arts

Related Arts Teachers

  • Gamaliel Cardona, Spanish
  • Jim Daniel, Band Director
  • Vicky Johnston, NBCT, Robotics
  • Brad Jones, Orchestra
  • Kyle Mahnesmith, Physical Education (PE)
  • Buffy Sexton, Technology/Project Lead the Way (PLTW)
  • Chelsea Sexton, Graphic Art
  • Katherine Southerland, Health
  • Patricia Watson, Visual Art
  • Jeffrey Wellman, Technology
  • Mariana Tackett, Spanish