Meyzeek Middle School

PTSA: Kroger Card

An Easy Fundraiser!

Do you shop at Kroger? Would you like 4% of your purchases to contribute to Meyzeek’s PTSA to upgrade technology, offset the cost of field trips and additional expenses that teachers incur to benefit our students at no cost to you?

The Kroger Card program has donated thousands of dollars to Meyzeek PTSA. This fundraiser is amazing because it costs you nothing! If half of the 1,000 families at Meyzeek shop at Kroger and spend $300 a month on groceries, that would translate into $6,000 a month! (4% of $300 x 500 = $6,000)

Click here for the form to sign up for a Kroger Card now. Send the form in to Meyzeek accompanied with your payment (cash or check payable to Meyzeek PTSA) with your child and get ready to go grocery shopping for Meyzeek!

Question? Contact:

Andrea Ledvina