Meyzeek Middle School

PTSA Board and Committee Descriptions



The Principal, or a representative appointed by him, is a member of the PTSA Executive Committee and has one vote as a board member. He must approve all PTSA releases and publications (notices, newsletters, web pages, etc.)


The President is the manager of the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) Board and presides over meetings. The President is an ex-officio of all committees, except the nominating committee and serves as liaison between the PTSA and the Principal. This is an elected position.

First Vice President—Programs

The 1st Vice President attends monthly PTSA board meetings and provides oversight for the Program committees: 1st Day Packets, Orientation, Library, Science Fair, Hospitality, CAP, Every1Reads, and Reflections. This person shall perform all other duties as may be assigned by the President. This is an elected position.

Second Vice President—Membership and Communication

The 2nd Vice President attends monthly PTSA board meetings and provides oversight for the following committees: Membership, Directory, Communications, and Volunteer Coordinator. This person shall perform all other duties as may be assigned by the President. This is an elected position.

Third Vice President—Ways and Means

The 3rd Vice President attends monthly PTSA board meetings and oversees the Fundraising committees: Box Tops, Kroger Cards, School Pictures, Yearbook, Spirit Wear, Dance/Spirit Events, Fundraising Research, and the Main Fundraiser. This person shall perform all other duties as may be assigned by the President. This is an elected position.


The Secretary attends monthly PTSA board meetings and records and distributes minutes of the board and general meetings. This person shall perform all other duties as may be assigned by the President. This is an elected position.


The Treasurer attends monthly PTSA board meetings and is responsible for for the PTSA budget. S/he supervises the receipt and disbursement of the PTSA funds. The Treasurer also maintains financial data, prepares a monthly statement for the executive board and shall perform all other duties as may be assigned by the President. The Treasurer also ensures the books have been audited before accepting them and files timely financial forms as stipulated by the IRS. This is an elected position.


The Parliamentarian attends monthly PTSA board meetings, coordinates the School-Based Decision Making (SBDM) Council elections in the spring, and oversees the nominating committee responsible for slating board officers for elections in May. The Parliamentarian also advises the President of parliamentary procedure. This person shall perform all other duties as may be assigned by the President. This is an appointed position.

Teacher Representative

The Teacher Representative serves as a liaison between the faculty and the PTSA.

PTSA Committee Chairs

Box Tops, Labels for Education, e-Label for Education, Tyson Project A+, Office Depot, and Target Card

This person oversees all aspects of these fundraising programs. He/she advertises and promotes the program to the school and collects and submits information to appropriate vendors.

Clothing Assistance Program (CAP)

This person secures 3-4 volunteers to work at the Clothing Assistance Program once in the Fall and once in the Spring. The hours needed on these two days are typically 12 noon until 3 p.m. This person also coordinates a schoolwide clothing drive if needed


This person is responsible for updating PTSA bulletin board every 1-2 months; oversees and edits the PTSA related content on the school website, and assists with communication of PTSA events to students/parents.

First Day Packet

This person copies all the necessary forms needed in the first day packet for the entire school (1 day time commitment). All forms required for the packet are given to this person by the school and the PTSA President. Copying is typically done end July/early August. This person also assists with assembly of the packets in early August.

Fundraiser (Main)

This person is responsible for the coordination of the main school wide fundraiser, which provides a substantial percentage of the funds raised for PTSA programs. This includes providing information and support to all aspects of this fundraiser. (Historically these funds have been raised through brochure sales or donations and takes place in the Fall.)

Fundraising Research

This person is responsible for researching supplemental financial resources from private and public sources. Grant research and writing included.


Every year, the PTSA publishes a directory of student names and contact information. This person is responsible for inputting/editing the student information, coordinating with the school staff regarding printing, and distributing the directories to the Meyzeek students and staff.


This person organizes volunteers and provides refreshments as needed for school functions such as Orientation and Open House. This committee chair also provides monthly treats for teachers and staff. In November and May, this chair hosts teacher and staff appreciation luncheons.

Kroger Card

With this program, Kroger card holders enable Meyzeek to receive four percent of their purchases made at Kroger. The Kroger Card chair purchases and distributes the cards and promotes the program at various school functions and on the listserv. The program kicks off with a booth at Orientation and a mailer in the first day packet.


This person coordinates the Love The Library program, which offers families an opportunity to donate books, in their child’s name, to the library. A flyer promoting this program is sent home in the first day packets. This committee chair maintains a list of those students donating books and delivers a small treat to the students during last period on Valentine’s Day.


This person conducts the fall membership drive (including planning of fun student events), keeps accurate record of members, distributes membership cards in a timely manner, and provides incentives for staff and students. This person provides the membership list to the Treasurer at least three days prior to the 15th of each month.


This committee chair coordinates with the school staff to help plan and organize the August Orientation for incoming sixth graders and new students. This person is responsible for contacting pertinent PTSA personnel that are needed during Orientation (Spirit Wear, Membership, Hospitality, Kroger Cards) and recruits other volunteers as needed)


The Reflections program is sponsored by the 15th District PTA and the Meyzeek PTSA. It is open to all Meyzeek Middle School students who want to submit an entry in Visual Arts, Music Composition, Literature, Photography, Film/Video photography, and Dance Performance and/or Dance Choreography. The top three participants in each category compete against other Jefferson County Public Schools students. This program takes place in the fall and is organized by a Meyzeek parent volunteer.

School Photos

This committee chair is responsible for recruiting volunteers for our three School Picture Days: individual photos (early fall); activity, club, and athletic team photos (December/January); and spring photos for groups of friends, individuals, and
others. This person may also provide simple, healthy refreshments to photo workers during the day. A faculty or staff representative sets the dates with the photographer and sends all forms and information to the homeroom teachers.

Science Fair

This person helps recruit judges and provide lunch/refreshments for the annual Science Fair.

Spirit Wear

The Spirit Wear committee chair coordinates the sale of Meyzeek logo merchandise to support school spirit and raise funds for the school. Duties include logo design in July; placing orders; organizing inventory; and selling the items at Orientation, Open House, and other large school events. This person is most active during the summer and fall.


This person coordinates several spirit nights at local restaurants/venues during the school year.

Volunteer Coordinator

This person helps to recruit and coordinate volunteers for any PTSA event.


This committee chair is responsible for keeping an accurate accounting of yearbook orders—primarily in January. The person also helps the Yearbook Teacher Representative as needed and assists with distribution at the end May.