Meyzeek Middle School

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The Meyzeek Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) is a nonprofit organization made up of volunteer parents, teachers, students and other interested members, dedicated to enhance the Meyzeek school community.

The Meyzeek PTSA Board consists of the Executive Board and appointed Committee Chairpersons. The Executive Board consists of the Principal and 6 elected officers - the President, the 1st Vice President/Programs, the 2nd Vice President/Membership & Communication, the 3rd Vice President/Ways and Means who is responsible for the major PTSA fundraiser, the Treasurer, and the Secretary. The Parliamentarian is appointed by the President. Each Vice President oversees diverse committees (view list online under PTSA Job Descriptions.)

All PTSA officers serve one year and start their responsibilities in May following the elections and the close of the May meeting, with the exception of the Treasurer who assumes office at the beginning of the fiscal year, July 1st (books must be audited before the Treasurer takes office.)

The PTSA Board follows parliamentary procedure to maintain the integrity of the organization, including keeping minutes of every meeting, reviewing financial records, and adhering to the bylaws set forth by the Meyzeek PTSA.

The business of the PTSA is done primarily at monthly board meetings. Individual committees may choose to meet more often based upon their needs, but may also communicate via telephone and email between monthly meetings.