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Excellence is the Expectation

JJuly 19, 2018

Dear Parent/Guardians:

What an honor to have your child as a student of Kammerer Middle School. We look forward to an outstanding school year where our focus will continue to demonstrate that "Excellence is the Expectation."

Over the next several weeks, I hope you are able to spend some quality time with your child before the school year begins. Several reminders:

•    School starts at 7:40a.m. on Wednesday, August 15, 2018
•    Students are able to enter the building beginning at 7:00a.m. and are expected to report to the gym
•    Students report to cafeteria if they choose to eat breakfast.
•    Please check out our website for uniform policy and other important information. https://schools.jefferson.kyschools.us/Middle/Kammerer/

I would like to outline several important  dates and share the following information regarding registration/orientation.  If you are new to Kammerer Middle School please make sure you have registered online using the online application system which can be found at https://webapps. jefferson.kyschools.us/StudentAssignment/LaunchPage.aspx

If your child is returning to KMS you must update/review  your contact information.  If your address has changed, please make sure your new address is within the reside area of Kammerer Middle School. If not, you will need to attend your reside school for the 2018-2019 academic school year. Proof of address is required at the time of registration.

In order for students to get their class schedule/team assignment you will need to stop by Kammerer during the times indicated below.  Necessary paperwork must be completed along with payment of team fees before schedules are released. Schedules will not be released to students unless accompanied by an adult.  If you are unable to attend on the times indicated below,your child will get their schedule on the first day of school. We have worked extensively this summer to create well balanced classrooms based on individual student data, class size, and programmatic needs.

Have a wonderful remaining summer break and we look forward to working together as we prepare all KMS students to be college and career ready.

David Armour
Principal, Kammerer Middle School

2018-19 Registration  Dates and Times

6th Grade:     Monday, August 6th 9AM-12PM

7th Grade:      Tuesday, August 7th 9AM-12PM

8th Grade:      Wednesday, August 8th 9AM-12PM

Students within Kammerer Resides may also register at:

Shawnee  High School 400 1 Herman Street Louisville. KY 40212

6th-8th Graders: Friday, August 3rd 12PM-3PM

2018 Kammerer Open  House

6th-8th Grades:         Tuesday, August 28th            6pm-7pm

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