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highland middle school


Aberli, Dr. Thomas—Principal  |   Email
Coleman, Tonya—8th Grade Asst. Principal  |   Email
Drake-Hicks, Dianna—7th Grade Asst. Principal  |   Email
Lanier, Christel—6th Grade Asst. Principal  |   Email


Brooks, Calvin—7th Grade  |   Email
Campbell, Tinika—8th Grade  |   Email
Washington, Lisa—6th Grade  |   Email
Fields, Barbara—Mental Health Counselor  |   Email

 Support Staff

Beckley, Theresa—Goal Clarity Coach
Davis, Jesse—Plant Operator
Dunnagan, Philip—Librarian
Meadows, Jennifer—Records Clerk
Edwards, Ja'Quica—Attendance Clerk
Mercer, Gina—School Secretary
Meyer, Tim—Youth Services Center
Wooden, Martha—Lunchroom Manager


Ansine, Winsbert   Email
Armento, Nikki   Email
Bartleson, JaNae   Email
Benz, Lauren   Email
Beshara-Repp, Christine   Email
Bussell, Sandy   Email
Carter, Beverly   Email
Carter, Larisa   Email
DeMancinas, Katherine   Email
Dotson, Andrea   Email
Doyle, Wendy   Email
Eberenz, Justin   Email
Edelen, Thomas   Email
Ellis, Ken   Email
Ellis, Katrina   Email
Essor-Ansine, Avril   Email
Fraser, Tyler   Email
Gravatte, Tua   Email
Haag, Sandra   Email
Hammonds, Lamont   Email
Hargesheimer, Tim   Email
Hodges, John   Email
Johnson, Kristina   Email
Kahl, Hilary   Email
Kaiser, Margaret   Email
Kemp, Jenny   Email
Kimbley, Tamira   Email
Lintelman, Leslie   Email
Love, Deborah   Email
Maclean, Jean   Email
Manis, Matthew   Email
Marks-Morgan, Linda   Email
Mattingly, Kelly   Email
McCabe, Robin   Email
Medley, Kerri   Email
Meyer, Cindy   Email
Miranda, Clara   Email
Neal, Ben   Email
Newton, Megan   Email
Noon, Amy   Email
Norman, Alison   Email
Phillips, Paul   Email
Priddy, Jamie   Email
Ruhl, Luanne  |   Email
Stamm, Joseph   Email
Straub, Amy   Email
Taylor, William   Email
Torres, Idania   Email
Voelker, Kathleen   Email
Weekes-Goring, Claire   Email
Westbrook, Valerie   Email
Williams, Brenda   Email