welcome to Farnsley Middle
Welcome to Farnsley Middle

Youth Services Center

BJ Mahew, Coordinator | Email  485-6015

Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday–Friday

Youth Services Centers (YSCs) are designed to help remove barriers to student learning. Each center assists students and families through programs, referrals to outside agencies and by partnering with groups within and outside of the school. Programs and services are determined by the needs of the population served, available resources, location and other local characteristics. The centers work with families to improve student attendance, to decrease problems with behavior or suspensions, to offer academic support, to deal with mental/physical health issues, and to offer parent support and assistance. All students and families are served regardless of income.

The Farnsley YSC has been created as part of the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA). The intent of the YSC is to enhance students' abilities to succeed in school by assisting and supporting children, youth, and families in meeting both social and educational needs. This is done by providing services and linking families to community resources.

The Farnsley YSC serves both students and their families. Services/Needs addressed through the YSC include the following:

The YSC has an Advisory Council of school personnel, parents, students, and community representatives. For more information, contact BJ Mayhew.