welcome to Farnsley Middle
Welcome to Farnsley Middle

Policies and Procedures

JCPS Student Support and Behavior Intervention Handbookbook (PDF)

Safety Procedures

We believe that in order for a student to learn properly, he or she must feel safe and secure and receive breakfast and/or lunch in order not to be hungry, and then the students can concentrate on learning for academic progress.

Emergency Safety Procedures

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones and electronic devices are not to be used during the school day. The school day is defined as the time a student arrives on school grounds until the student leaves the school grounds. Students electing to bring a cell phone to school must keep the cell phone in their locker—turned off—for the duration of the school day. Cell phones and electronic devices may only be used outside the building, after the completion of dismissal, or during after-school programs at the discretion of the coach or sponsor.

Consequences for having a cell phone during the day:

The confiscation consequence is in compliance with the policy of the Farnlsey Middle School's SBDM Council and Jefferson County Public Schools.

Wild Card

Farnsley Middle School will continue to implement our schoolwide behavior management system during the 2019-20 school year. A Wildcat Card for each grading period is included in the school handbook section of the agenda. It is the responsibility of the students to keep up with these Wildcat Cards and their Agendas. They must carry Agendas with them at all times and should bring them home daily. Replacement Agendas can be purchased in the Main Office for $10.

On the cards is the following key: D—Disrespect/Defiance, DB—Disruptive Behavior, HW—Missing/Incomplete, H—Hallway Behavior, M—Materials, G—Gum/Eating, T—Tardy, OT—OffTask, RR—Restroom, FD—Follow Directives, U—Out of Uniform, P—Profanity

If students commit an infraction of the behaviors mentioned above, they will receive a mark on the Wildcat Card. Students can possibly receive several marks in one class or throughout the day in several classes. (A mark is a teacher's initials with an abbreviation of the infraction recorded in the box.)

This system minimizes classroom disruptions and provides students with the opportunity to take responsibility for their own behavior and their education. Furthermore, the Wildcat Card is a way for us to communicate with you on a regular basis concerning your child's school behavior. When looking over your child's agenda, we ask that you also review the Wildcat Card throughout the week as a way to check in with your child about behavior and progress in school. If you have any questions or concerns, please write a note in the Agenda, call the team leader, or send an email to one of the teachers on the staff page of this site. Thank you so much for your cooperation and support.