Farnsley Middle School

Foundations/CHAMPs at Farnsley

Farnsley Middle School utilizes the Foundations/CHAMPs concept to teach behavioral and academic expectations.


Foundations is the component of the overall concept that we use for what is the known as the “commons” areas of our school.

The commons areas include the cafeteria, gymnasium, hallways, assemblies, library, buses, etc. To help you better understand the concept you can think of the commons "areas" as areas where the majority of students pass through on any given day.

We look at the commons areas as places that may have hundreds of people at one time and must have procedures and a process that everyone (students and staff) totally understand. An example is the cafeteria whereas 1,000 plus students pass through there daily.


CHAMPs is the classroom component of the concept. All students and faculty must know and understand this component of the concept. In order for this knowledge and understanding to take place the concept must be taught to everyone. All staff members (returning and new to the building) and students (returning and new to the building) are taught and/or re-taught the concept each year.

The CHAMPs component assists students from the moment they enter the classroom through the moment they exit the classroom. The acronym is as follows:

C = Conversation (level 1-5)

H = Help (Procedure for requesting assistance)

A = Activity (specific activity instructions)

M = Movement (remain seated or move around the room)

P = Participation (expectations: solo activity or group, etc.)

S = Success

This is a brief overview of our Foundations/CHAMPs Program and concept. The Foundations/CHAMPs Team is responsible for the program and ensuring that faculty and staff receive ongoing training throughout the school year.