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Jefferson County Public Schools Counselors, in partnership with students, families, staff, community, and business, will prepare students to be successful lifelong learners. The K-12 comprehensive guidance program will provide teaching and modeling strategies that create and nurture a safe and positive teaching environment.

Our Comprehensive Developmental Guidance Program provides the skills necessary for academic success, career planning, and personal and social growth.

Meet Your Counselors

Patrick Jackson
Counselor for 6th Grade

Travis Raderstorf
Counselor for 7th Grade

Teri Hans
Counselor for 8th Grade

Farnsley Counselor Appointments

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can you provide contact information for Louisville Community resources so I can access services for my child?

Click here.

Can you provide contact information for JCPS resources so I can access services for my child?

Click here.

What support services are available at Farnsley Middle School?

What specific services are available through my child's counselor?

What is the best way to talk with my child’s counselor?

A parent should set up an appointment to see their child’s counselor by phone, e-mail, fax, or letter.

What is the best way for my child to talk with his/her counselor?

The best way is for students to make an appointment with clerical staff and the counselor through the Counseling Office. If it is an emergency, they should contact a teacher or general office staff member immediately and let them know of their need to see their counselor.

What else can I learn about the services and programs offered by JCPS?

This link accesses the JCPS home page, which has information on a variety of JCPS programs and departments.

Is there a general K-12 website for me to access counselor related information?

This link is to the JCPS counselor web pages will allow you to access information regarding curriculum, enrollment, health/immunization, testing, grading procedures, special programs, college/career information, and community resources.

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