Farnsley Middle School

Math Science Technology Magnet Program

Farnsley's MST Magnet Program Application Process buttonThe MST Magnet Program at Farnsley Middle School prepares students for in-depth study in mathematics, science, and technology related fields. All subject areas are taught through hands-on, integrated projects and through a variety of learning experiences to include: advanced coursework, robotics, computer classes, field trips, speakers, mentors, research projects, and academic competitions.


Farnsley’s mathematics teachers are focused on helping students build an understanding of mathematics in order to become college and career ready. Students will work on mastering the common core state standards while learning to model the mathematical practices which will assist them in building the skills needed to be successful in mathematics beyond middle school.


The $25 million GE grant brings an exciting hands-on curriculum to science. Science is taught through self-designed experimentation, inquiry, and research projects. A special focus on environmental science includes involvement with agencies, such as the Louisville Water Company and the Metropolitan Sewer District, to conduct research and to engage in activities that include developing an outdoor classroom, conducting water analysis, taking canoe trips, and caving. In a partnership with American Synthetic Rubber Company (ASRC), science teachers are able to connect science curriculum with real-world uses in the community. Students also have the opportunity to visit the ASRC chemical production plant to make connections with their classroom instruction. ASRC also provides chemical engineers to work together with our school to have a successful Science Fair. Farnsley also has an environmental club which has developed a wetlands area where students grow native plants to this area and is also used as an outdoor classroom


Farnsley Middle School was chosen by the Kentucky Teaching and Learning Technology Conference as a showcase school for technology. Farnsley’s Student Technology Leadership Program has maintained its “Gold” status from the state of Kentucky for the past eight years. Students’ learn the basic skills and ethical and legal issues related to technology. Farnsley Middle School has five computer labs where the students use the following technology: eReaders, Internet-based coursework, Web design, student e-mail, Bridge Builder (Used by the United States Military Academy at West Point), graphic design, digital video editing, broadcasting, and innovative projects. Students learn business technology skills to gather and analyze data, to write reports, and send documents to their teachers. Farnsley also has the Technology Integration Program, in which every teacher has a laptop and a projector with access to wireless laptops for each student as needed. Components of technology are woven into all areas of curriculum.


Students have the opportunity to bring their mathematics and science skills to real life as they design, build, and program robots to complete complicated tasks. Students also utilize mainstream software such as JAVA. Our Robotics program also uses PLTW Vex Robots, and the STLP won the Sumo Championship with NXT Lego Robotics.

Through our partnership with American Synthetic Rubber Company (ASRC), students are able to take field trips to their production plant and see how robotics is used in real-world operations. This partnership also provides engineers from ASRC to judge our student robotics competition.


Farnsley’s Magnet Program has been a member of the Project Lead the Way (PLTW)-Gateway community since 2013. PLTW-Gateway provides students the opportunity to explore and learn that there is more than one way to reach a solution. It provides engineering and science curriculum for our magnet students that challenges, inspires, and offers activity-, project-, and problem-based learning. Through the PLTW-Gateway curriculum, students are building a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning while engaging their natural curiosity and imagination in creative problem solving.

If you're interested in Farnsley's MST Magnet Program, check back soon for information about the application process.