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Faculty and Staff

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Ashby, Tammy Food Service
Atzinger, Blake Substitute Teacher
Bacon, Julie Spanish
Baig, Mirza Math
Baker, Janet Custodian
Barnett, Audra English
Bassham, Aaron Math
Baxter, Jamie (LEEP)
Baxter, Michael Math
Bell, Tina English
Blaszczyk, Sherman Health / PE
Bode, Jennifer Social Studies
Phill Bohannon Instructor III / STC
Bowers, Joanna English
Braun, Brent Humanities/Drama/Yearbookk
Bright, Nicki ECE Instructional Assistant
Buckingham, Carol Teacher / Eschool Lab
Burnell, Debra Band
Capo, Kelli ECE Math/Red Cross
Cate, Tammy ECE Instructional Assistant
Clemons, Linda Lunchroom
Cook, Jason Counselor,
Academy of Manufacturing and Engineering
Coomes, Karen Home/School Coordinator
Craig, Rebekah Attendance
Danzinger, Jennifer Business
Dawson, Jimmy Counselor,
Freshman Academy
DeLong, Clarence ECE Teacher
Dippie, Joshua Science

Dunn, Mary
Teacher Web Site
Business - Multimedia Communications
Ellis, Samuel Math
Embry, Mitchell Substitute Teacher
Espanola, Juan Spanish
Ferguson, Erin Nursing
Fey, Brandon Math
Fields, Barbara Custodian
Findley, Melanie Math
Flynn, Timothy Science
Fowler, Don Business / Technology
Fowler, Paula Technology / FBLA Sponsor
Fox, Jayna English
Fuqua, Nicholas Dance / Humanities
Fusco, Rhonda ECE Assistant
Gaus, Cheryl ECE
Goodson, Melissa English / Step Team Sponsor
Grant, Tonya Social Studies
Green, Julia Orchestra
Gregory, Stephen Math / Engineering
Gribbons, Terry Social Studies
Halbleib, Leo Custodian
Haley, Heather Goal Clarity Coach
Hardesty, Elliott Social Studies
Hawks, Deanna Business
Hawks, Richard Health/PE/Department Chair/Baseball
Haycraft, Ranae Science
Heeres, Jennifer ECE/Hearing Specialist
Heggs, Kathi Science
Henry, Meghan Social Studies
Hill, Heather Math
Hiser, Jason ECE
Hockman, Teresa Records Clerk
Hollis, Mallory Math
Hood, Tim Security
Hudson, Beth Assistant Principal
Hughes, Brian Social studies
Husband, Mike Area Maintenance
Ijames, Donald Assistant Bowling Coach
Jackson, Tedde Security
Jennings, Jeff Assistant Principal
Jones, Sean School Resource Officer
Keighley, Kate English
Kessel, Kim Clerk
Kihnley, Larry Security/Assistant AD/Assistant Boys’ Basketball
Kihnley, Robin Bookkeeper
Kruse, Elizabeth
Teacher Web Site
Kuchenbrod, Sandra ECE
Ledesma, Selena Graphic Design
Lenfert, Audra Hearing impaired Teacher
Lewis, Katie College Access Resource Teacher (CART)
Lightle, Joshua Academy Coach
Linden, Jason English
Locke, Christy Science
Lungu, Marcela Math
Lydon, Barbara ECE
Lynd, Karen Science
Mabrey, Dale Head Basketball Coach
Mabrey, Jeffrey Plant Operator
Martin, Dee Amber
Teacher Web Site
English/Student Council
Mattingly, Derek ECE / Assistant Baseball Coach
McCoy, David Welding
McGuire, Glenna ARC Coordinator
Mercer, Elizabeth Food Service
Miller, Bill Assistant Principal
Miller, Megan Health/PE/Coach
Morrison, Mary Cafeteria
Mullenex, Charles
PE / Health
Muller, Charles Science
Murphy, Megan English
Murray, Dustin Social Studies
Owen, Karri Instructor III/Eschool Lab
Owens, Margaret Choir
Parrish, Tiffany Social Studies
Pedigo, Zachary Social Studies
Pfaadt, Shawn Health/PE
Pfister, Bubba ECE Teacher/Assistant Coach
Phillips, Steve Math
Pickerill, Kendra Speech Teacher
Podbelsek, Tammy ART
Powell, Mika Business / Tech
Raines, April Science
Reed, Erin
Library Website
Riley, Brandy ECE
Ritchie, Mary Cafeteria
Rose Akumbu, Leslie Spanish
Salyer, Kim Executive Principal
Saunders, Janat English
Schwaniger, Donald Ordering Clerk
Settle, Karen Cafeteria
Seum, Sharon Cafeteria
Shipman, Kristen English
Slaughter, Donna ECE
Speck - Walker, Lee Humanities/Beta Club
Stemle, Kasie English
Stephenson, Dana Math/Department Chair
Stewart, Amy Family Resource and Youth Services Center (FRYSC)
Still, Tara ECE / Scheduling / Grade Reporting Clerk
Stinson, Jason Assistant Principal
Strong, Leon Girls' Soccer/Girls' Track
Sutton, Latisha Math/Step Team
Thomas, Deborah Social Studies
Thompson, Eric Science / Pharmacy Tech.
Thrasher, Matt Math/Academic Comp.
Toohey, Joshua Substitute Teacher
Vines, Tracy Social Studies
Voelker, Michael ECE
Vowels, Whitney ECE
Waddell, Nick Athletic Director
Warnell, Delia Custodian
Webb, Denise
Teacher Web Site
Technology—Graphic Arts
Wheeler, Toy Front Desk Receptionist
White, Jason Business/Coach
White, Joyce Custodian
Wilhoit, Cheryl
Teacher Web Site
Williams, Amanda ECE
Williams, Thomas Head Football Coach
Williams, Tiffani Counselor
Willman, Karen Principal's Secretary
Wilson, Tonya Counselor
Yochum, MAdison English
Yochum, Patrick ECE
Zell, Lisa Vision Teacher