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Our Mascot: Why Panthers?

When PRP High School first opened in the fall of 1958, it was up to those first students, grades seven through nine, to vote on the school colors and mascot. In keeping with custom, the mascot had to begin with the same letter as the high school (for example, Butler Bears, Valley Vikings, Western Warriors, Doss Dragons). The choices that the student body came up with for the letter P were Pirates, Pythons, and Panthers.

The winner was the Panther, and the school colors were red and black. And the Panther makes for a great mascot costume.

The Fight Song

We are the Panthers fierce and strong
Of Pleasure Ridge High School
Throughout the game we fight to win
This is our Golden Rule!
We're all behind you till the end—
We'll cheer Red, Black, and White;
Get in there now and WIN THIS GAME
So come on, you Panthers, FIGHT!

The Alma Mater

Praise to thee, our Alma Mater,
Ever loyal, brave and true;
Lead us on in truth and honor
In the paths that we pursue.
Serving mankind under God,
As we go our way;
Righting wrongs where'er we trod,
Striving day by day;
Rising up to every challenge,
May we keep our Golden Rule—
As we proudly honor thee:
Our Pleasure Ridge Park High School.