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Welcome Principal Sheri Duff

PRP would like to welcome Ms. Sheri Duff as our new principal. Ms. Duff has an extensive history in education as an assistant principal and teacher within JCPS. Principal Duff has been an assistant principa  at Central High School and most recently Newcomer Academy. Before becoming an assistant principal Ms. Duff taught the business management and entrepreneurship pathway at Central High School. Principal Duff earned her bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Louisville.
We are excited to move forward under Principal Duff's leadership. We look forward to many awesome things in the future under her leadership.

Academies of Pleasure Ridge Park HS

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The academies at Pleasure Ridge Park High School allow students to connect what they are learning in the classroom to the real world through a subject that interests them. The academies offer a new kind of educational experience - a shift from traditional techniques and environments to deeper learning and transition readiness for college, career and life. Every student receives a personalized experience within a supportive environment. Each academy has a dedicated principal, counselor and a core group of teachers. The academies provide a foundation for students to learn academics through the lens of a career theme. All freshman will be a part of the freshman academy and complete the career seminar course to make their decision on which academy and pathway they choose to pursue. The academies and pathways PRP offers are below.

Advance Program

In 1959, PRP High School was selected as one of the five original centers for the Advance Program, a complete program that focuses on critical thinking, abstract reasoning, and self-expression. Seasoned teachers encourage gifted and talented students to reach their potential. The Advance Program students are challenged in the classroom and are accustomed to a rigorous curriculum that allows them to be successful in college.

The PRP Advance Program—a program where challenges are met and leaders are made.



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