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Fall Sports

Cross Country | Boys
Cross Country | Girls
Field Hockey
Golf | Boys
Golf | Girls
Soccer | Boys
Soccer | Girls

Winter Sports

  Basketball | Boys
Basketball | Girls
Swimming & Diving

Spring Sports

Lacrosse | Boys
Lacrosse | Girls
Tennis | Boys
Tennis | Girls
Track | Boys
Track | Girls
Barrell Basketball Field Hockey
Lacrosse Soccer baseball
Athletic Department Contact Information
Athletic Director John Kelsey
Asst. Athletic Director

Keith Cathey
Jake Fiorella
Emily Sexton-Razor

KORT Athletic Trainer
Daniel Baker

Athletic Office -- 502.485.8972
Fax -- 502.485.8770

Current & Perspective Athletes
  Athletic Participation Form Parental and Student Consent and Release
  Parent/Guardian Permission/Release Form
  Parent/Guardian Student-Athlete Concussion Statement
  Sports Physical
KHSAA Sport Safety Course:
  Health & Sports Safety Video Signature Sheet
  Health & Sports Safety Video Signature Sheet Combo
  Health & Sports Safety Video Study Guide

Coach's Contact Information printable coaches list
Sport | Schedule Coach Email

Fall Sports (July 15)

  Cheerleading Marletta Firman
Cross Country | Boys Andrew Ames
Cross Country | Girls Damon Smith
Dance  Sheryl Knight
Field Hockey Brent Pierce
Football Chris Wolfe
Golf | Boys David Jaffe
Golf | Girls Craig Magruder
Soccer | Boys    
Soccer | Girls Christian Lauria
Step Team Vana Bassler
Volleyball Craig Bossmeyer

Winter Sports (October 15)

  Basketball | Boys - V | JV | FR Willie Feldhaus
  Basketball | Girls - V | JV Champ Ligon
  Bowling Katie Wadell
  Swimming & Diving Greg Glish
  Wrestling Chris McCoy

Spring Sports (February 15)

  Baseball - V | JV | FR Jeff Garrity
  Lacrosse | Boys Joseph Palazzo
  Lacrosse | Girls Fred Reeves
  Softball - V | JV | FR Josh Bloomer
  Tennis | Boys Tony Branch
  Tennis | Girls Tony Branch
  Track | Boys Damon Smith
  Track | Girls Sheri Beaumont

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