Visual Arts

The art department offers many opportunities for art exploration. Students in Art I-IV learn techniques in art media including drawing, painting, sculpture, batik, print making, pastels, watercolors, weaving, photography and more.

AP Studio Drawing emphasizes the quality of student work; the student's concentration on a particular visual interest or problem; and the student's need for breadth of experience in the formal, technical, and expressive means of the artist. Traditional and Digital Photography and Sculpture are other electives available through the art department.


Come play along with members of the Tiger Pride Marching Band, Tiger Pep Band, Fern Creek Symphonic Band, "IMPACT" Percussion Ensemble, and "FUSION" Lab Band. These ensembles can be heard at music festivals, community events, nearby schools and supporting the Fern Creek High athletic teams throughout the year. Our band students exhibit the best of Spirit, Unity, Trust, and Attitude in representing the Band, Fern Creek High School, and the Greater Louisville community.


Concert Choir explores vocal technique, musicianship skills, and various musical periods. Performance assessment or concerts are part of the curriculum. Advanced Lades Ensemble focuses on the development of solo and choral skills of ladies through the preparation and performance of a variety of choral literature.


Introduces the student to the necessary skills for acting. The goals in all level of theater are to develop the student's technical skills in theatre performance, to nurture the student's creative potential in a way that emphasizes process without sacrificing product, and to develop the student's ability to examine and analyze theatrical texts. Theatre I begins the process of vocal training, physical training, creative and imaginative exploration, and the historical literature and practice of theatre. The coursework should include the following: Vocal Anatomy, Standard American Dialect, Movement, Creative Dramatics and Improvisation, Musical Audition Preparation, Script Analysis, Ensemble Building, Scene Work, Introduction to Heightened Text, and Theatre History Through the Renaissance .


Bring your instrument and play along as a Fern Creek Orchestra Member. Orchestra students further their development and enrich their knowledge and level of performance on their individual instruments. Our orchestra students present the best of string music performance at Fern Creek High School, and the Greater Louisville community.



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