Anderson, Faith, Chair
Kling, Carl
Bradford, Patty
Rouse, Eva
Dobson, Lindsey
Sturgeon, Michael
Forrester, Emily
Weaver, Noel
Kaiman, Sarah

Business and Technology

Marion, Tami, Chair
McClendon, Angelica
Crume, Gary
Napier, Jill
Evans, Don
Oltman, Tim
Evans, Donna
Scherdin, Steve
Gilliland, Ryan
Zink, Tiffany


Crocker, Jay, Chair
Hultz, Bradley
Anderson, Sara
Lin, Jenny
Baldwin, Teresa
Livesay, Michelle
Bernard, Todd
Loew, Cassidy
Byrd, Erin
McClanahan, Sarah
Gebben, Courtney
Nichols, Lauren
Helvey, Paul
Woodworth, Robert
Hinkle-Jones, Teresa

Exceptional Child Education (ECE)

Waddell, Natalie, Chair
Lomax, Emily
Andrews, Carla
Morton, Adrian
Barnes, Noelle
Perry, Kristina
Baumann, Chris
Schmidt, Amy
Gray, Donna
Stephens, Nicole
Katzman, Annie

Health and Physical Education (PE)

Gupton, Terrie, Chair
Huff, Chris
Hackney, Andrew
Renner, Chris


Younkin, Laura, Head Librarian
Conrad, Stephanie


Tullbane, Andrew, Chair
Marshall, Kim
Bean, Jennifer
Person, April
Brangers, Mickey
Popelka, Elizabeth
Checchin, Samantha
Poynter, Lesli
David, Emily
Walston, WS - website
Hamilton, Samantha
Willcut, Amanda
Hibma, Nick
Wiseman, Zainab


Jones, Glenda, Chair
Moore, Apryl
Cail, Kathy
Newton, Ashley
Daeschner, Shelby
O'Connor, Brendan
Felli, Laila
Osters, Chris
Johnson, Antoinette
Risinger, Kelly
Lovett, Philip
Simmons, Ronald

Social Studies

Rich, Bryan, Chair
Lamb, Geoff
Bowman, Dan
McDonald, Scott
DeWeese, Abby
Morgan, Dan
Farmer, Lakunta
Owen, Micah
Fossett, Eddie
Ransom, Erik
Gividen, Mark
Whitt, Jesse
Howard, Todd
Willis, Greg
Irvin, Kristin

World Languages

Lacap, Bill, Chair
Mesa, Yanay
Dooley, Elizabeth
Scott, Amy
Grossberg, Erica
Taylor, Sarah
Kurtz, Roz
Zimmerman, Spencer

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