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Ballard continues to rank among the top schools in the state for number of National Merit Finalists and Governor’s Scholars Program participants. Click here for our school profile for colleges.

Ballard has the highest state assessment scores of all Jefferson County nonselective schools.

Ballard students annually outperform Kentucky and U.S. averages on the SAT and ACT tests.

Ballard offers an ever-expanding list of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. (Click here for more information.)
Click here for the AP exam schedule.


The Numbers*

SAT Scores (combined)

Ballard: 1116
National: 1048


ACT Scores

Ballard: 22.0
State: 20.4
National: 20.9

Postsecondary Statistics

College/University: 96%
Vocational/Technical: 1.5%
Employment: 3.7%
Military: 1%


National Merit Students
(cumulative five-year total)

Finalists: 34
Semifinalists: 38
Commended: 41

* Scores are based on data from previous years.

Testing Accomplishments


Most students tested in JCPS
More scores of 5 than any other JCPS school

European History

Highest passing rate in JCPS with most students tested
Ballard: 87.5%

Physics B

Highest passing rate in JCPS
Ballard: 83.3%
Second-highest school: 66.7%


Highest passing rate in JCPS
Ballard: 83.7%
Second-highest school: 70.2%

Studio Art Portfolio 3-D

Highest passing rate in JCPS
Ballard: 94.4%
Second-highest school: 90.9%


Ballard tied for first with a 100% pass rate.

Calculus BC

Second highest passing rate in JCPS
First-highest school: 86.7%
Ballard: 85%

Spanish Language

Most students tested in JCPS


Only school to test in JCPS

Ballard was also second in the following tested areas:

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