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Ballard Baseball

Our baseball program is one of the toughest programs at Ballard. Not only do we practice hard but we also do alot of work to help out our baseball program. We have an amazing coaching staff and the best baseball facilities in JCPS.


We do multiple things during the year as fundraisers, including: Mulch sales and delivery, the Christmas Craft Fair, and a camp sponsored by Jo Adell.

Graduating Class

Jo Adell graduated class of 2017 at Ballard and he got drafted to the MLB straight out of highschool! Adell went 1st round 10th pick in the 2017 MLB draft. Jo often comes by for a visit and gives off some of his knowledge to this years members of the Ballard Baseball team. Also there are many other great graduates from other years that now compete at a high level.

Super Prep Baseball

Super Prep is a baseball tournament set up by us, your Ballard Bruins, for a competition between the best highschool teams across the region.

Coaching Staff

We have a great coaching staff for our baseball team. Our main coach, Coach Trager, offers so many oportunites for our players to be able to get to know the game mentally and be great at the game physically.

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