Youth Service Center Resources

Youth Services Center Coordinator, Madalyn Marables
Location: Room 105

Hours of operation: 7:30 to 3:50 p.m.
Phone number: 502-313-4407

The Youth Services Center may have additional programs to support your student needs, please reach out for additional information.

Counseling and Social Service Referrals
Referrals are provided for students and their families in need. Agency locations and referral numbers are available upon request. YSC has school supplies, emergency clothing and female hygiene items on hand as needed. Insurance eligible students can receive Centerstone school counseling services.

Senior Workshops
Monthly senior workshops are provided for senior students that want additional support regarding college preparation and planning. Workshops include: how to write an effective scholarship essay; how to complete the financial aid application; understanding student loans; resume and employment search options; and understanding college credit hours.

Still I Rise Program
The Still I Rise program works with young women to provide self-esteem building activities to improve self-awareness and character skills.

Making A Difference Program
The Making A Difference program works with young men providing male mentorship, self-esteem building activities, developing conflict, and character skills are the primary emphasis.

Phenomenal Women Program
The Phenomenal Women program works with young ladies to provide self-esteem building activities, female mentorship, college and career information, and transition preparation. Projects and community service are required. All activities are well planned and engage the young ladies. There is an emphasis on maintaining grades, behavior, and self-respect.

Men of Quality Program

The Men of Quality program works with young men to provide male mentorship, college and career readiness, self-esteem enrichment, and transition preparation. Projects and community service are required. There is an emphasis on maintaining grades, behavior, and self-respect

Aspire Higher
Aspire Higher is an academic based program developed to increase the knowledge and awareness about opportunities for diverse students to matriculate through the advance and IB (International Baccalaureate) classes. The end goal and expectations are to develop students prepared for college and career while providing support, mentorship, and community development.

Youth Services Center Advisory Council
All meetings are open and everyone is welcome to attend. We meet bi-monthly to discuss the programs and services offered through the Youth Services Center.  Everyone is encouraged to attend! Please stop by the YSC or call Madalyn Marables, the YSC Coordinator, at 313-4407 to participate. The Advisory Council allows students and their parents to become actively involved in the Atherton High School community.