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What’s Going On in the Classroom?

What’s Going On in the Classroom?


Teachers: Ms. Stone, Mrs. Rutledge, and Ms. Bibb

Our kindergarten teachers are committed to giving our students a rich learning environment. The curriculum focuses on the key areas that prepare students for future success. Literacy emphasizes phonemic awareness, phonics, letter identification, handwriting, and sight word recognition. To differentiate learning, students participate in guided reading groups, which provide students with small-group instruction. Math concepts are developed through concrete experiences with manipulatives. Throughout the year, students are encouraged to observe, explore, and evaluate their discoveries. As a class, we will work to create a learning environment that fosters self-esteem, diversity, and a lifelong love of learning!

First Grade

Teachers: Mrs. Aina and Ms. Wilson

In our first-grade classrooms, we are committed to creating a learning environment that promotes growth. Students are given daily opportunities to work with technology. Our first graders continue to use our new SMART Boards to enhance reading and math. We develop and use literacy centers to increase our reading and writing ability. They demonstrate academic and social strengths by working in small-group, whole group, and independent center activities. We are laying the foundation for strong learners in our room!

Second Grade

Teachers: Mrs. Robinson and Ms. Grace

Second grade is rocking and rolling! We strive every day to work hard and do our best. We respect, love, and care for one another. We celebrate our accomplishments, and are always willing to help our friends. We love learning and we are making strides academically, especially in reading and math. We believe in our abilities as students and as second-grade role models.

Third Grade

Teachers: Ms. Wright and Ms. Parker

Third-grade students are becoming independent thinkers and learners. We strive to help the students understand how to think for themselves and problem solve on their own. We are transitioning from learning
to read to reading to learn. In our classes, students are fluent readers and proficient mathematicians.

Fourth Grade

Teachers: Ms. Lipscomb and Mrs. Murphy

In all fourth-grade reading classes, we are very focused on becoming stronger readers and writers. Students are engaged in learning new reading strategies, writing about what we read and using our strategies while we read. Reading is such an important part of life, and we want all students to love to read. In our math classes, we are working on the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and becoming stronger critical thinkers. We are working on taking the new concepts we learn and applying them to real-world problems. We are also working to become critically thinking superstar scientists ready to apply what we have learned. We are studying about food chains and food webs, motion and design, magnetism and electricity, and so much more. In science, we are putting our minds to use and our hands to work as we pave the way for our bright futures.

Fifth Grade

Teachers: Ms. Donoghue and Ms. Wehmeyer

Our fifth graders are working hard to get prepared for middle school! We are using technology to enhance learning in the classroom and continue learning from one another daily. We are excited about Cochran’s first student body elected Student Council. Every child in the building saw the speeches via technology and our students, K-5, had the opportunity to examine a democracy.

Exceptional Child Education Resource

Teacher: Ms. Fogg and Mrs. King

This classroom is a place where students K–5 receive extra attention in a small-group setting to achieve specific goals in language arts, math, and social skills. They are doing great things and making wonderful progress.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HH) Unit

Teachers: Mrs. Raynor and Ms. Wheatley

Language abounds in the Deaf/HH unit. We focus on language throughout the day at Cochran. From morning meeting to reading groups, literacy centers, and science, we are always devoted to learning and using language.

Moderate/Severe Disabled (MSD)

Teacher: Ms. Rich and Ms. Harper

In our FMD room every week, we learn about a current event in the United States or in activities and sports or about previous events that have happened in history that we celebrate as a community. We are also learning about nouns and pronouns and how to make complete sentences. Once a week, we measure out ingredients and learn to cook something we can cook ourselves at home. We are also working on counting money and discussing different ways we use it in our everyday lives. We love to learn.

Visual Arts

Teacher: Mrs. Laura Roth

In our classroom, no student says, “I can’t”. I truly believe each child is a talented artist with individual talents and skills. My goal every day is to encourage students to create with confidence and leave with masterpieces they are proud of.

Physical Education

Teacher: Ms. Charvette Jones

PE is a time for our students to unwind! We work hard to provide a safe, welcoming, and playful environment. Students, K-5, come to this class to learn sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect. Winning and losing is put on the back burner to make way for class-wide fun and success.

Computer Education/Technology

Teacher: Ms. Lasley

The computer lab at Cochran Elementary is utilized to increase technology skills for all students while also integrating common core instruction. We have iPads and a state-of-the-art SmartBoard to model techniques and practice the skills before they go to their own computer to do so independently.

Librarian/Media Center

Teacher: Ms. McMahan

Here at Cochran Elementary we strive to provide a library environment rich with complex, hands-on learning experiences which will help students become self-sufficient, independent information seekers. It is our goal to value the interests and backgrounds of all of our students, creating a safe, inclusive and fun place to learn and acquire the skills needed to become the best readers we can be!