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At Brandeis Elementary School, perseverance defines who we are!

Life at Brandeis

Brandeis Elementary School
2817 W. Kentucky Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40211
Phone: (502) 485-8214
Fax: (502) 778-7354
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Our Mission

We, the faculty and staff at Brandeis Elementary, are committed to providing high-quality and rigorous instruction to all our students, in a safe and supported learning environment that fosters academic success and social progress. We are here to serve and support our families. We welcome all feedback. We appreciate your commitment to Brandeis! Our goal as a school is to enrich the lives of our students and support their academic growth!

Our Pledge

Today, I will invest in my future by behaving in a way that is respectable and allows learning to take place.
Today, I will attack challenges head on, fight for understanding, and maintain confidence when mistakes are made.
I will stay connected. I will participate. I will ask questions. I will always remember that what is inside of me is stronger than what is in my way.