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 Family Resource Center

Coordinator: Kimberly S. Mahon, MSGC, MSW
Virtual FRC
Wilder: (502) 313-4556
Norton: 502) 313-4512

Ms. Mahon splits her time equally between two schools, but is available for parents and families full-time via phone or email. Before- and after-school appointments can also be made to accommodate parent availability. For immediate assistance, email is the best method to reach the FRC.

 Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved at Wilder and the FRC. We always welcome new volunteers to tutor/mentor and encourage our students! Have a child who needs BETA hours? Give me a call!

Looking for a different approach to volunteering? Join in the fun at our EncourageMENt Days! About every other month, we invite our "Dad's and Role Models" in to welcome our students as they arrive at school. Our students aren't the only ones who benefit from these events! Participants report they also gain encouragement from being an encourager! Be on the lookout for event dates and times for the coming school year!

Our FRC Advisory Council meets six times a year. (About every other month) The Council offers suggestions regarding programming sponsored by the FRC, advocates for effective services for students, and provides valuable input to the Coordinator regarding strategies to improve FRC impact at the school level.

We also have a clothing closet that would benefit from "ongoing organization" like seeking and sorting donations as well as keeping inventory to inform the FRC about items that are running low and needed.

Wilder FRC is partnering with Dare To Care and a local food pantry at Bowen Elementary to serve families with food insufficiency. Interested volunteers would go to the food pantry and fill orders for families, then bring the items back to the FRC for families to pick up. If food needs to be delivered, volunteers can accompany the FRC if they choose.

Interested? Contact us to find out more!

 Prevention and Support Services

The FRC exists to provide resources and services that strengthen and support the academic foundation for all Wilder students. Examples include:
  • Mentoring
  • School-Based Counseling
  • Clothing Assistance Program (CAP) Referrals
  • School/Classroom Supplies
  • School-Based Tutoring Assistance
  • Information About Community Tutoring Services
  • Leadership/Character Development Groups
  • Parent support programs
  • Family Literacy events and information
  • Attendance support and improvement information
  • Basic needs services and information
  • Community programs and support services