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General Information


School hours are 9:05 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. If a student plans to eat breakfast at school, he or she should arrive at 8:30 a.m. and be in class no later than 9:05 a.m.


All visitors are required to sign in at the office. They will be issued a visitor badge. We welcome visitors, but we must ensure the safety of our students.


Any students arriving after 9:05 a.m. should report to the office before going to the classroom. Tardiness does count against a student having perfect attendance. Students who are checked out of school before the end of the day must also be counted as tardy on attendance records.

Early dismissal

We encourage you to try to schedule your child's doctor and dental appointments around school hours. If this is not possible, you must come to the office first to check your child out of school. No student will be released directly from the classroom. If a parent knows that his or her child will be leaving early, a note to the teacher would be greatly appreciated. Positively no student is to leave the grounds without permission from the principal's office.

Temporary bus/Other transportation procedures

Anytime a student is to go home using transportation other than their regular routine, the student must have written permission that is signed by the parent/guardian and approved by the principal designee.


All medicines, including over-the-counter medicine, may not be administered by the school without a form signed by the parent and physician. Prescribed medication also requires a form signed by the parent before the medication can be administered by school staff. The medication and form must be filed in the school office.


If your child is injured at school, we will make him or her comfortable and then call you immediately. If you cannot be reached, we will attempt to contact the emergency number that you listed on the enrollment form. EMS will be called in extreme emergencies. Please be sure that the school office has an emergency number in addition to your home/work phone number so that, in case of illness or emergency, we will know how to contact you.


Parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year in the fall and late winter. Please make every effort to attend them. Parents are encouraged to schedule a conference with the teacher anytime throughout the year. An appointment may be made by leaving a message for the teacher in the office or in writing.