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Kub Way: Responsibility, Compassion, Integrity

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named 2019 State Schools of Character

Kenwood is a friendly, close-knit environment that strives to give each child the individual attention that they need. With an emphasis on critical thinking and writing, we see to it that our students, in all subjects, can transfer their ideas into the written word. We require them to have a deep understanding of the content.

We realize that teaching is more than simply relaying information. It requires a positive working environment and a passionate, dedicated staff that understands the most effective teaching tool is empowerment. At Kenwood, we pride ourselves on our reputation with the parents and the district. With a team of intervention specialists, many students get the opportunity to work individually with an instructor, or in a small group. We also offer state of the art computer software that enables students to get extra practice in reading and math. We believe in giving every student the chance to succeed, no matter what challenges are set before them.

Mission Statement

To educate the whole child, to prepare each student to be a resilient learner as a globally and culturally competent citizen.

Kenwood Elementary is a caring and safe environment that strives to educate the whole child while promoting good character, responsibility, and academic success in every student. Kenwood students will maintain integrity, communicate effectively, and be critical thinkers/problem solvers. Kenwood will be among the most desired schools in Kentucky by students, parents, and employees.

Collective commitments