engelhard elementary


Welcome to Engelhard Elementary School, the Walt Disney Company’s National School of the Year for 1999.

Within our beautiful facility, parents, students, and teachers work together to create a warm and caring environment that allows every student an opportunity to develop to his or her full potential.

Engelhard provides a comprehensive curriculum. Our facility supports three fully equipped labs (practical living, arts and humanities, and technology) staffed by professionals offering daily classes for students in the Primary through fifth grades.

Engelhard welcomes the support, interest, and participation of parents in all aspects of the program. Our Family Resource Center (FRC), along with our Parent Teacher Association (PTA), provides numerous services, workshops, and activities for all members of the family to participate in positive lifelong learning experiences.

Engelhard continues to be a labor of love, combining home, school, and community to provide the best possible learning experience for our young people. Through this cooperative venture, our students will learn to make wise decisions regarding their future; acquire the confidence, courage, and tenacity necessary to find solutions to difficult problems; and remain acutely aware of the rights and needs of their community.

We welcome you. Join with us in building on the past and investing in the future at Engelhard Elementary!

Engelhard’s Vision, Mission, and Belief Statementtwo girls hugging


By entering these doors, we become lifelong learners; we become thoughtful teachers; we become the community of excellence that is Engelhard.


Teachers and staff, parents, students, and community volunteers will collaborate to ensure that Engelhard is a diverse community of learners performing at the highest levels of achievement.

Belief Statement

We believe:

Jefferson County Public Schools Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Vision 2015

All JCPS students graduate prepared to reach their full potential and contribute to our society throughout life. 


To provide relevant, comprehensive, quality instruction in order to educate, prepare, and inspire our students to learn

Core Values

These values guide our work:

  1. Our students are cared for and treated as if they are our own.
  2. Children learn differently.
  3. What happens in the classroom matters the most.
  4. The differences of each are assets of the whole.
  5. High-quality teaching is the most powerful tool for helping students reach high standards.
  6. Leadership and innovation are essential to prepare students for their future.
  7. Talents and resources are used wisely to benefit students.
  8. Partnerships among schools, families, and community are important for the health and well-being of our students.
  9. Adults model integrity, respect, creativity, and accountabilitiy.