Breckinridge-Franklin Communications Magnet


Power can be defined as “the ability, skill, or capacity to do something and contribute to society.” At Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary School, our vision ensures that students are prepared for success at the next level. They will become productive citizens who are prepared with the 21st-century skills necessary to read and write while exhibiting communication skills that prepare them for the future.

Imagine the Possibilities

• Writing an editorial
• Conducting an interview
• Speaking in public
• Producing a television newscast

As a student in the communication magnet at Breckinridge-Franklin, your child will be engaged in these and many other rigorous activities that challenge students while including interactive learning experiences. In our special area classes, students participate in activities where they focus on specific skills in communication. During this time, students develop a deep understanding of their skills and strengths that they bring to the communication field.

Each week, students participate in Communication Clubs, where they focus on a specific aspect of communication. Students choose which Communication Club interests them, and they learn more about that domain while participating in deeper learning activities.

We have partnered with WHAS for the broadcasting component of our magnet that exposes students to all aspects of the television media industry. This partnership also includes visiting classes regularly and mentoring students on the skills necessary for a successful future in broadcasting.

At Breckinridge-Franklin, our students are vastly knowledgeable about technology and social media. We capture and use student strengths in researching and interviewing to help facilitate and produce our student-led newspaper. Roles on the publications team include writing articles, photography, editing, design/layout, and marketing.

Give your child the power of mastering the critical 21st-century communication skills that will empower him or her to succeed at the next level.

The Communications Magnet Program complements the school’s Small Class Size component. The average class size at BFES is 20 students (beginning in first grade), which affords students more individual attention and instruction from their teachers. It also allows our teachers to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of students, including remediation for students who may require additional support and extension of learning for students who are exceeding standards.

As part of our magnet program, we also offer opportunities for students to interact with professionals in communications domains. We find that this exposure assists students in developing long-range plans and provides applications for the skills they are learning within their coursework.

Communication Clubs

Beginning in third grade, students are given a choice for their Communication Clubs. Examples of the Communication Clubs are as follows: broadcasting, webpage, Girls Who Code, Leadership, School Publications, Bullfrog Hoppers, and performing arts clubs. Students in Communication Clubs are broken into smaller groups so that they can work on their topic in great depth. Community partners develop relationships with students and contribute their knowledge of the craft so that students can see the long-range benefits of their use of communication skills.

Communications Fair

Every semester, Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary holds a communications fair. This fair is the culminating activity that showcases the communication projects and student work that were completed during Communication Club. The communications fair includes student performances, artifacts, and informational activities for parents. We encourage all BFES families to participate in this event!

Video Broadcasting

Students produce in-school broadcasts in which they control all aspects of the broadcast experience, including running the technology and teleprompter, photography, and being a news anchor. Our broadcast is seen throughout the school, including the school lobby, so that visitors can know what is happening at BFES.