Our Communications Magnet Program

Power can be defined as the ability, skill, or capacity to do something and contribute to society. At Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary, we ensure that our students have the power to become confident, capable, and successful. They become citizens who can read and write well, express themselves clearly, and think critically. Give your child the power of effective, 21st-century communication. Enroll your child at Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary!

Imagine …

• Writing an editorial
• Conducting an interview
• Developing a Web site
• Speaking in public
• Producing a television newscastphoto

Your child could be engaged in these and many other activities as a student in the Communications Magnet Program at Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary. Each week, students participate in Power Up, where they focus on a specific aspect of communication. In K–2, students rotate among Power Up classes so that they are exposed to a variety of topics and are able to develop knowledge of their strengths within the communication domains.

The Communications Magnet Program complements the school’s Small Class Size component. The average class size at BFES is 20 students (beginning in first grade), which affords students more individual attention and instruction from their teachers. It also allows our teachers to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of students, including remediation for students who may require additional support and extension of learning for students who are exceeding standards.

As part of our magnet program, we also offer opportunities for students to interact with professionals in communications domains.  We find that this exposure assists students in developing long-range plans and provides applications for the skills they are learning within their coursework. 

Power Up

Beginning in third grade, students are given choice for their Power Up course. Classes include the activities above but also include many additional offerings, Consumerism and Marketing, and Peer Mediation. Students in Power Up are broken into smaller groups so that they can work on their topic in great depth. Community partners develop relationships with students and contribute their knowledge of the craft so that students can see the long-range benefits of their use of communication skills.

Breckinridge-Franklin is proud to partner with WLKY, The Courier-Journal, and Bellarmine University, to offer our students a comprehensive, hands-on, and interactive learning experience that enhances their reading, writing, critical-thinking, and communications skills. Students will have daily opportunities to apply what they have learned through Power Up in real-world situations that are directly related to the Kentucky Core Academic Standards (KCAS). 

Communications Fair

Every semester, Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary holds a communications fair. This fair is the culminating activity that showcases the communication projects and student work that were completed during their Power Up course. The communications fair includes student performances, artifacts, and informational activities for parents. We encourage all BFES families to participate in this event!

Student Newspaper and School Blog

At Breckinridge-Franklin, we know that our students are very knowledgeable about technology and social media. Therefore, we utilize this strength in our student newspaper course. The students in this class produce a print newspaper and conduct research to write their contributions. Additionally, the students are responsible for keeping the school’s blog and Twitter pages up to date. Students apply to be on the newspaper team when they submit their preferences for Power Hour classes. Roles on the newspaper team include writing articles, photography, editing, layout/design, and marketing. Each student contributes within each of these domains, so they are a well-rounded reporter at the conclusion of the class!

Video Broadcasting

Students produce an expanded daily in-school broadcast that includes editing, scripting, and writing segments to be shown on-air.  Students control all aspects of the broadcast experience, including running the technology and teleprompter, photography, and being a news anchor. Fourth- and fifth-grade students apply for roles on the broadcast team when they are submitting their preferences for Power Hour. Our broadcast is seen throughout the school, including the school lobby, so that visitors can know what is happening at BFES!