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About PRP

Communication, Media, and the Arts Magnet



PRP's Vision

PRP will be:

  • A place where family, community, and positive culture is stressed.
  • A place where ALL children feel a sense of belonging and diversity and individual differences have worh.
  • A place where young people grow to their potential and achieve at the highest levels .

Schools of Study

Communication skills are in demand across occupations, according to a report on the fastest-growing careers by the U.S. Department of Labor. At PRP High School, courses are available in public speaking, radio and television production, stage and costume design, print media, graphic arts, and visual and performing arts. Students work in well-equipped, state-of-the-art studios. They get many chances to practice their craft and show off their skills. Whether they're painting, drawing, acting on stage, creating digital art, building a Website, writing a short story or novel, editing news articles, anchoring a broadcast, or directing a film, students receive both solid academic instruction and practical experience.

Advance Program

In 1959, PRP High School was selected as one of the five original centers for the Advance Program, a complete program that focuses on critical thinking, abstract reasoning, and self-expression. Seasoned teachers encourage gifted and talented students to reach their potential. The Advance Program students are challenged in the classroom and are accustomed to a rigorous curriculum that allows them to be successful in college.

The PRP Advance Program—a program where challenges are met and leaders are made.

A School With Heart

Pleasure Ridge Park high School stands out from other high schools because of its big heart—one that beats incessantly for its nineteen hundred students. PRP’s heart beats when a student answers a tough question in a class discussion or when a player hits a home run in a big game. Its heart beats when the special needs kids play Christmas Carols in the bell choir. It beats when one of its own sings better than he ever has in the school musical or when the PRP cheerleaders lead the crowd in “Let’s go Panthers”.

This wonderful, strong heart beats when a Panther wins an art contest or when a teacher’s praise makes a student’s day. It beats when the principal tells every student, every day, to make good decisions or when PRP celebrates one of its tried and true traditions.

This PRP heart skips a beat when a group of freshmen opens its front door and walks down the halls for the very first time.

The heart of Pleasure Ridge Park High School—ah, a heart that keeps beating and beating and giving and giving.


Pleasure Ridge Park High School’s mission is to offer an educational program that meets the academic, technological, and social needs of every student, giving each one the opportunity to achieve at the highest attainable level. Through a variety of innovative programs at various academic levels, we strive to prepare students for scholastic, social, and communal success in the adult world.Note from our Principal

As the Principal of PRP, I am looking forward to this school year more than any other in my career. I want to take this opportunity  to introduce myself to you. I am a life-long south end resident and I bring a passion for education and a vision for continued
growth and success to Pleasure Ridge Park. The PRP community is a uniquely close-knit group that stays involved with their schools. I want to assure you all that I, too, am devoted to PRP's success.  Having worked at PRP as a teacher, a counselor, and an assistant principal, I have had the opportunity  to see this wonderful school from a number of perspectives. It has been my good fortune to be a member of many great teams; I anticipate the PRP team to be the best. PRP is one offew remaining community schools. Let's keep that going! Rest assured that I value the long-standing traditions of PRP and that I will work to protect them.