The Moore Archery Program started in 2002. Moore was one of the original 20 National Archery in Schools Program pilot schools in the state of Kentucky. It continues to be a large draw of kids for the school. In 2012, Moore created its first Select team comprised of 24 of the best and most dedicated archers. In 2013, Moore created the first registered S3DA compound archery team. This program permits kids to shoot compound bows with no limitations, including the use of sights, stabilizers and releases. The S3DA program provides the student with the opportunity to shoot at the college level.

If you have interest in participating in the Archery program, we advertise to the school after Halloween. At that point you must get a player information sheet from Kyle McKune, and have it turned in by the first practice date, usually right after Thanksgiving. You can visit the links to learn more about NASP or S3DA. If you have any further questions or would like more clarity you can email