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Hawthorne Elementary School


Hawthorne is proud that many of its teachers have their Masters degree and almost half have obtained Rank I status. All have their Kentucky teaching license. In some classrooms, native Spanish-speaking bilingual assistants enrich classrooms by assisting teachers. These assisting educators are certified educators in their native countries but may not have yet received their Kentucky teaching license.

K – 5 Spanish Teachers

Stefanie Shiffler K/1 Teacher Stephanie.shiffler@jefferson.kyschools.us
Cynthia Gonzales K/1 Teacher Cynthia.gonzales@jefferson.kyschools.us
Maria Marquez-Warren K/1 Teacher maria.marquez-warren@jefferson.kyschools.us
Sabrina D’Souza 2/3 Teacher Sabrina.dsouza@jefferson.kyschools.us
Teresa Edlin 2/3 Teacher Teresa.edlin@jefferson.kyschools.us
Patty Molestina 2/3 Teacher Patty.molestina@jefferson.kyschools.us
Ray Flores 4/5 Teacher Ray.flores@jefferson.kyschools.us
Flora Martinez 4/5 Teacher Flora.martinez@jefferson.kyschools.us
Mitch Jackson 4/5 Teacher Mitch.jackson@jefferson.kyschools.us

K – 5 English Teachers

Rebecca Eckburg K/1 Teacher Rebecca.eckburg@jefferson.kyschools.us
Allison Priddy K/1 Teacher Allison.priddy@jefferson.kyschools.us
Jessica Kays 2/3 Teacher Jessica.kays@jefferson.kyschools.us
Kelly McNerney 2/3 Teacher kelly.mcnerney@jefferson.kyschools.us
Jo'Ne Thompson 2/3 Teacher Catherine.turner@jefferson.kyschools.us
Brooke (Morgan) Herman 4/5 Teacher brooke.morgan@jefferson.kyschools.us
Shelby Wilson 4/5 Teacher Shelby.wilson@jefferson.kyschools.us

Academic Support

Emily Minteer Goal Clarity Coach Emily.minteer@jefferson.kyschools.us
Rachel Weinrich Goal Clarity Coach Rachel.weinrich@jefferson.kyschools.us

Special Areas

Neal Cox Arts and Humanities Neal.cox2@jefferson.kyschools.us
Nancy Davila Spanish Language Nancy.davila@jefferson.kyschools.us
Rebecca Jaggers Technology Rebecca.Jaggers@jefferson.kyschools.us
Leslie Senn Library Leslie.senn@jefferson.kyschools.us
Tamara Zaborac-Payton P.E. Tamara.Zaborac-Payton@jefferson.kyschools.us

Early Childhood

Kristen Ditsler Head Start Kristen.ditsler@jefferson.kyschools.us
Nell Gibson Pre-K Teacher Nell.duley@jefferson.kyschools.us
Brooke Rohrs Pre-K Teacher Brooke.rohrs@jefferson.kyschools.us

Exceptional Child Education (ECE)

Judy Lowe FMD Teacher Judy.lowe@jefferson.kyschools.us
Deedra Njuguna FMD Teacher Deedra.njuguna@jefferson.kyschools.us
Mary Ann Genet Speech Maryann.genet@jefferson.kyschools.us
Nettie Wolf Vision Jeannette.wolf@jefferson.kyschools.us