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Spanish Learning


Online Spanish Dictionary
Learn Spanish

Spanish starter site - hear the words!
Listen to Spanish


Club Penguin en espaƱol, among others
Visit Club Penguin

Matching games, famous artwork, fishing, painting, play rock guitar, and more
Play museum games

Info, games, awesome links to Mayan art
Learn about Mayan Art

Interactive map, Central & South America
Learn about the other Americas

Interactive games for South & Central American Geography.
Play geography games

Kid-friendly information about Spanish-speaking countries. Some include videos.
Visit National Geographic

Lexia Core 5


Dream box


Dreambox iPad Code: btsg/hawthornee 


Art Games

An interactive website about art & artists for kids 4-12. In English & Spanish.
Play Albright-Knox art games

Adventure, Action, Art and more!
Visit the US Mint

Explore Renaissance Art & History
Explore the Renaissance Connection

Science Games

People, animals, and places with facts, games and activities
Visit National Geographic

Math Games

A great place to build your math skills
Visit Khan Academy

Math, math, math...
Play math games

More Games

Reading & Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math. Riddles and questions.
Visit Scholastic

A fun place to learn
Play online games

It's online Madlibs! For 3rd grade & up.
Play wacky web tales

Games geared for children 3-7
Visit Scholastic family playground

Phineas and Ferb, Cars, Spiderman, Disney Shows
Play Disney games