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Hawthorne Elementary School


Health Promotions School of Excellence (HPSE)

Hawthorne is proud to be a Health Promotions School of Excellence since 2005.

The purpose of the HPSE program is to promote and maintain healthy lifestyles, and reduce health risk behaviors related to cardiovascular disease, cancer control, injury prevention and physical fitness. These are the areas of focus because research and data identifies them as having the highest risk behaviors. Focusing on these areas can have a positive impact on the growing problem of childhood obesity and its effects on the early onset of diabetes, and also addresses the injuries students are suffering from because of risky behaviors. A school selected to be an HPSE school develops programs and resources to improve their health knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviors, and adopt healthy lifestyles for students, staff, and parents.

Health Promotion Schools of Excellence (HPSE) program specialists provide selected schools with assistance in implementing their coordinated school health programs. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Assisting the school site coordinator with implementing their school's plans
  • Helping to facilitate the school site HPSE committee meetings
  • Assisting with assessments and coordination of community and district resources
  • Assisting with the purchasing and budgetary process
  • Assisting with various other HPSE requirements being met
To learn more about Hawthorne's HPSE program, contact Lynetta Crawford at lynetta.crawford@jefferson.kyschools.us.