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Hawthorne Elementary School


The Hawthorne Dual Language Approach

Students in the Spanish Immersion program are taught math and science in Spanish and social studies and language arts in English. Hawthorne provides all students with varied opportunities to use their second language in daily interactions and also offers extracurricular opportunities for cross-cultural enrichment.

We are proud to be the only public school in Jefferson County offering two-way immersion in Spanish and English.

Why Dual Language?

Brain development

  • Children easily pick up languages. Schoolwide use of two allows children to learn both, naturally!
  • Brain scans show that becoming bilingual improves brain structure and function.

Attention and focus

  • Bilingual people of all ages are able to focus better than people who speak only one language.

Test scores and lifelong learning

  • Students who learn a second language score higher on all subject and language tests, even when tested in English!
  • Children will retain their good accent and grammar, making future language classes easier.
  • The better students become in a second language, the higher their ACT and SAT scores in all subjects.

Career advantages in the global economy

  • Our students will enjoy a competitive edge because they can communicate in both of the two most widely spoken languages in the United States – English and Spanish.
  • By learning to appreciate diverse cultures, languages, and customs, our students get a head start on learning to navigate and lead in our global society.

Hawthorne is a place where they will value my son's Hispanic heritage, will respect his other language, which is Spanish, and at the same time will continue the education and use of Spanish.
- José Rafael Herrera-Caballero (father of an OASIS student)
Hawthorne es un lugar donde van a valorar la herencia hispana de mi hijo, van a respetar su otro idioma, que es el español, y al mismo tiempo van a continuar la educación y el uso de ese idioma.
- Ing. José Rafael Herrera-Caballero (padre de niño en el programa OASIS)